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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by electricron
we are 44 pages into this thread, is anyone keeping count on which tracks have been refurbished?
Per Amtrak's web site
https://www.amtrak.com/nyprenewal" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

2018 Summer Renewal (May 26-Sept. 4):
– Empire Connection – Amtrak will be replacing track in the Empire
Tunnel, as well as replacing cross ties, grade crossings and 80,000 feet of continuous rail, including the track between the tunnel and the Spuyten Duyvil Bridge.
– Spuyten Duyvil Bridge – Amtrak will be updating the bridge’s mechanical and electrical equipment.
– Track 19 at New York Penn Station – Amtrak will replace three turnouts and conduct total ballasted track and wood tie track replacement.
2018 Winter Renewal (Jan. 5-May 28)
From January 5th through May 28th, work tasks to be completed in New York Penn Station include: (Numbers correspond with locations where work occurred at track level. See map on next page.)
1. Replace Track 15 block tie and ballasted track 2. Rehabilitate Track 18 direct fixation track
3. Replace three (3) turnouts in “C” Interlocking
2017 Summer Renewal ( )
Already null and void at Amtrak's web site, from not even two years ago.
From others they rebuilt Track 10 and worked on many turnouts in A Interlocking, but that information is second hand, not from the source we should be using - and what amtrak directs us to.

If we just look at what Amtrak publicly reports on its web site, in two years they have repaired Tracks 15, 18, and 19.

So out of a total of 21 tracks with platforms, they have finished 3 or 4. At the pace they're proceeding, its going to take 10 years to finish repairing their busiest station, where approximately 33% of all riders nationally visit. WOW!
  by JamesRR
They've done more than 3. The progress reports are outdated. And it's not clear they are redoing all of them - rather, tracks are in most need of repair.
  by EuroStar
While I am not sure if it is part of the repairs or just the work related to Moynihan Station, track 1E has brand new shiny copper catenary, so presumably it will be back in service in a few weeks. I could not determine if track 2E was also already wired or not.
  by EuroStar
I am sad to report that the purpose of all the construction in the space occupied by track 5A of yard A has become apparent: to support a building or whatever the developer is putting on top above the deck that covered most of the opening next to 9th Avenue. While the track saw relatively little use in the most recent years before its demise it is not clear to me that giving it up was the smartest thing to do without completed Gateway tunnels. The track appears to have been too short to fit most of the current NJT consists (some of the shortest ones might have fit, I am not sure), but probably could have worked as a future lay-up track for Metro-North consists which are generally shorter.

While track 5A was not essential, I still hate to see the removal of scarce transportation infrastructure at Penn for the benefit of private developers before there is any certainty that any of the real transportation improvements at Penn are going to happen. In exchange for giving up the track Amtrak should have at least gotten the developers to fund the connection of tracks 1A/2A/3A under 10th Avenue to the existing tunnel box beyond 10th Avenue giving them the option of using the tunnel box as a yard until the Gateway tunnels happen (or if they never happen).
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