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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by R36 Combine Coach
gokeefe wrote: Sat Jul 04, 2020 12:27 pm On high frequency corridors Amtrak would
have a tremendous advantage over other services for certain zip code pairings. Imagine for
example Express Mail ("Priority Mail Express" !!) from Hartford to New York City. Has to get
there "next day". Why bother with aircargo when you could dispatch via Amtrak?? As long as
you're dealing with small packages or letter envelopes you don't need specialized handling
facilities. Just a van and a person to pick it up at the platform.
Greyhound already does this (next bus or same day) with GPX (Greyhound Package Express).
  by Tadman
gokeefe wrote: Sat Jul 04, 2020 12:27 pm Go ahead and try and think of a faster or cheaper way to get an Express Mail package or envelope to Exeter, NH from Boston or Portland that doesn't involve using a courier or a special trip.
It's not the speed that's the problem. It's the service aspect. First mile and last mile are tough, getting USPS to the train on time is even tougher, and having Amtrak personnel and systems in place to adequately manage and track the operation is going to be impossible.

Not that an innovative company couldn't do it, but a government carrier that can barely make a sandwich for $10 in a microwave just doesn't have the mindset to do it. It's the same as interline ticketing with Metra or Flyaway bus. Yeah, you could easily do it, but try convincing the powers-that-be to do so. "It will never work" "We tried that once in 1983 and it was a disaster" "Why would you want to do that"....
  by David Benton
I would think Amtrak would be the "wholesaler", provide the train , lockers , access etc. The courier firms etc provide the tracking and final customer service etc. Except where Amtrak already . or wants to expand its own baggage / express offerings. There it could operate as the wholesaler , but also retail , in addition to the private offerings. It wouldn't really be competing , as its only offering station to station service.
  by gokeefe
My thoughts as well David. Amtrak doesn't track the package they just provide the space.

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