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  by mc367
I Posted about this subject on the old fourm, so I'll start it again. I'm going to be going to Railcamp and was thinking if anyone else will be going this year? And who has been there.
-Justin Franz

heres the web site www.railcamp.com

  by NsNscalerailfaN
I'll be there..........

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
Who'll be at Railfest?????

I will :D
  by HighlandRail/DEY-7 652
I'm plannin on being at Railfest. I'll be there, probably with a Naugatuck RR shirt on. Look for me if any of you will be there.

  by mc367
Only 27 days untill Railcamp.
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  by CoastStarlight99
I have seen that link before, is it fun?

What is the accomodation like?

I will be a froshamn in high school next year, therefore I would be elgible for the 2005 camp...Do you actually operate trains, or is it boring?

Thanks, happy new year!

  by mc367
Its a good program, most of the week you work around Steamtown's three operating steam locomotives, though last year the 26 was not running. At one point during the week you get to opeate their NKP GP9 on a short lanth of track. Its well done and a fun week. the dorms a UofS are nice and confortable.


  by ANDY117
Where is this? Is this thing the same group that gets a tour of the Binghamton Yard? I might have to look into this.

  by Guilford Guy
im going to railcamp next year
if anyones going ill probablyhave a B&M shirt on ;-)

  by acela 2036
I know its a little late now, but the camp is over, everyone have a good time there?
  by Anthony RMLI
Guilford Guy wrote:Nice!
"Wanna share seat on the Amtrak Train Buddy."
See you in 2 weekz!
I don't see why not. I can't wait to go; I'm very excited about going. I also really like what we will be doing.

BTW, I forgot about this topic