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  by trainfreak
Hey everyone. I know this is a problem for some people but does anyone here get made fun of for liking trains? I know i take a lot of crap from kids in my school for my hobby of railfanning. I ask them what their hobby is and they will say "uh playing video games" What kind of a hobby is that? At least i get out of my town to go to new locations and meet new friends or old friends from previous adventures to the tracks. But the question is do you get made fun of about your hobby? Feel free to post and tell stories of incidents if you feel like it.

  by XRails
Hey, we actually have a railroad club at our school! How "nerdy" is that? I don't get kidded much because I get respect elsewhere and there are quite a few well-respected guys also in the club.

  by Conrail4evr
Hey, it just goes to show that some people need to grow up. Alot of people know I like trains and I never have any problems in my school. Just don't act embarassed by your hobbies as that is an invitation for others to come and make fun of you. Another thing you could do is make some of them understand why you like them. 99% of the time, they think they're childish toys because they never really get further than the train-set stage. Most never seek out what "Santa Fe" really means, but those who do usually end up like us.

  by TAMR213
Agreed. Some people know that I like railfaning, etc. and everyonce in awhile they will tease for me liking trains, and calling it kiddish, but whatever. I just let it roll off my back. It's no big deal. But girls on the other hand, I try to keep it away from them, scares them off sometimes. As you can tell, people in my school are somewhat imature, but whatever. I have other things to talk about...

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
Most don't know that I like trains, when they ask where I work I say "Black River Western Railway" they turn there head sideways.

But I am also intertested in old cars, the chicks dig that...

  by SeldenJrFireman
There will always be people like that in this world. I really dont care about what other people have to say and that just shows you that they have nothing else to do. I belong to the F.D. and some of the other juniors and i will hang out at my house running trains on my layout in the backyard. In other words, just ignore those people. they may think their cool now, but wait a few years and see how there doing. Bullies like that don't last to long on the outside these days.

But, kepping this from the girls is probably a good thing for a while.

  by trainfreak
Yea ive been ignoring the bullies for a while...they have nothing better to do. But i think its bad when a younger railfan is discouraged from pursuing his or her hobby due to a bully in their school.

  by bar358
For me in high school it was never really an issue. Most knew that I liked trains and did'ent have a problem with it, gals or guys. Now in college, it works out even better as what I have learned from my hobby I now use the same principles in school. Just roll with the punches and move on.

Matthew Minson
Maine Maritime Academy
Castine, ME

  by CNW4404
yea the guys at my school all kid me about it- they dont attack me in the mean sense since i'm a wise guy :D maybe i'm lucky

and yea the girls arent too big on trains- i dont tell them until AFTER theyre my girlfriend heh

  by zwsplac
I don't really say I like trains unless asked. When I tell them, most people are like "You like TRAINS!?! WHY?" In my English class though, there is this girl who doesn't think its so strange. Her dad works for BNSF and absolutely loves trains, so she understands. Also, it's fun to absolutely blow people away with my knowledge of trains.

  by pcdude9190
Yep, the common, "why do you like them? you don't have to steer" But I guess it's OK to like cars or something. The hobby will always make for a good photography course.

But blowing them away with knowledge is always fun. :D

  by CNW4404
yea, my way to turn around things for girls if they ask about liking trains is by asking if they like photography- if they do, bingo!

  by SSW819
Yea I have gotton made fun of but i really dont think to much of it. Actually as a matter of fact some of my more "loyal" friends think its pretty cool that i like railroading and trains.

  by rob216
I've never had any problems with people knowing that I like railroading in all ways. No one every botherd me about it. Well maybe my girlfriend. Guess she'll never understand why. :) O well. She likes horses and I don't know why, so I guess we are even. Dont let them get to you at all.

  by brunswickrailfan
No one can beat my mascot: We are the Railroaders. Oh yeah! But there are only two railfans in the ENTIRE school. Most of the time, if the subject comes up, I just tell them I'm a better photographer than them...then they just walk away.
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