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bar358 wrote:Brunswickrailfan, do you have any photos of the F-40's that the OC bought this past year?
"OC" as in Ohio Central? In that case, I don't. I didn't go to the 'shindig' last year.


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I've got a long trip planned out:

All of this is in sleepers and all on my own tab. Pretty good considering I'm only 16 and Im going alone for almost 13 nights. Almost 10 000 Kilometres or 6213 miles.

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Me, I'll just jump around all of NJ and gather photos that is when I have time to. Who knows, if I am really feeling adventurous, I may even go up to Port Jervis.
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Im going to Maine this summer. Gona visit the WW&F. Ill proble be at NJMT all summer every weekend volunteering and gettin paid for it wensday-friday :D. Ill proble stop out at Strasburg and i might head out to Cass. Might hit WK&S and a few motor car trips with the UFGRS boys. And mabey the Cape May Seashore line. (I was on a motor car run on that. Wat a blast). O and I might hit Western Maryland. Did anyone hear about the suspention or rail operations at Steamtown?




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yes i heard about the cancelation of steam this year at steamtown thats why 2816 which used to be on static display in steamtown isnt going there but its still doubleheading with the 261


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Think thats long?
How about this?



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Hmm, first, I am spending a month with my aunt in harrisburg so I will ride my bike and railfan on all the tracks around.

Then I am going to France and continue taking pictures from where I left off last year

aaaaaaaand......thats all

Christian S.

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My summer railfan plans:
Strasburg: once per month- Jun, Jul, Aug
West Chester RR- Jun
Amtrak (Lancaster to Harrisburg)- Jun
WK&S + East Penn Ry. in one July day
Rail-Tours + Old Mauch Chunck Model Train Display in one Aug day


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This summer I took the Three Rivers from Fostoria, Oh to Chicago, Then the California Zephyr to Denver and the return trip. Some great times. I'll definately ride Amtrak again although my dad hated the lateness.


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I went to the PRB, Alliance, Bailey Yard and Cheyenne also I saw CP 2816 and MILW 261 also I saw the Kerry& Edwards Deadhead Train. So did it look busy for me?


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Well I guess Summer is over, so how was your summer? In one word, Great. I headed down to Railcamp in Scranton, PA and after went south to photograph CSX/NS/Strasburg and I was also able to get a little Metro-North and NJT as well.

All in All a good three months, lookin foward to next June.

-Justin Franz


My summer

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My name's Conor and I'm kinda new to this forum, but here are all the trips I took this summer and the one from the spring:

-May 28
Springfield, MA (SPG) to Washington, D.C. (WAS)
Amtrak # 55 The Vermonter (Reserved Coach)

-May 31
Alexandria, VA (ALX) to SPG
Amtrak #88 (ALX-New Haven {NHV}) & Amtrak #488 (NHV-SPG) (Unreserved Coach)

-July 17
Amtrak #147 (Unreserved Coach)

-July 21
Southport, CT to NHV
Metro North #1526/1726
Amtrak #486 (Unreserved Coach)

-August 13
Worcester, MA to Boston-South Station, MA
MBTA #524

-August 15
Boston-South Station, MA to South Attelboro, MA
MBTA #2813

-August 17
South Attelboro, MA to BOS
MBTA #812

Amtrak #449 The Lake Shore Limited (Standard Bedroom)

-August 19
SPG to Chicago, IL (CHI)
Amtrak #449 The Lake Shore Limited (Standard Bedroom)

-August 22
CHI to Milwaukee, WI (MKE)
Amtrak #333 Hiawatha (Unreserved Coach)

Amtrak #340 Hiawatha (Unreserved Coach)

-August 25
CHI to Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
Amtrak #3 The Southwest Chief (Standard Bedroom)

-August 27
LAX to Fullerton, CA (FUL)
Metrolink # 704

Metrolink # 689

LAX to Benson, AZ (BEN)
Amtrak #2 The Sunset Limited (Reserved Coach)

That's all for now. More to come in October and November.

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