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  by mc367
With all that snow melted summer is on its way, so what are your railfanning plans this Summer? I'm lucky, where getting out on June 9th. This July I'm going to be heading down to Scranton, PA for Railcamp '04 and after when my dad picks me up where off to Southern PA, Maryland, and hopefully West Virginia for the week after. So what are your Summer Plans?

  by TAMR213
Well, I probably won't be getting out until late June, so that might put a bit of a wrench in things. Though I hope to attend the TAMR national convention this year which is in late Juse, to be help out of Rotchester, with a post convention in the horseshoe curve area.

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
Railfest 2004 :D

  by SeldenJrFireman
-Ride all 700+ miles of the LIRR, one branch at a time.
-Attend the N Scale Collectors Convention in Washington, DC.
-Finish my 12' by 8' LIRR-NYA G scale layout in the backyard.
-Railfan wherever tracks and trains are!

  by prt1607j
RACING at NES, B-PORT, EWS.. workin in baltimore.. mowing.. TRAINS.. NJLS.. more ride on goodies.. maybe see some real ones!!

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
Hmm... got 2 cars to work on.... looking for a GN(Grand National, not Great Northern :P )

Probaly down down to the NJLS with John....

Still have to get going on mine...

  by trainfreak
Well with no big plans planned....i will probaly end up staying at my grandfathers for a week or two and during that time railfanning the NYSW and CSX's Riverline.

  by Fla East Coast Chris
Hi Jeff,
You mentioned CSX..
Do you like the new colores in CSX or the old CSX colors. I railfan in Florida and I am seeing a few of the GP39's and 40's in the new colors.

  by Conrail4evr
TAMR's 2004 National Convention, to be held in Western New York (as Erik mentioned). For more info, check out the site at: http://www.tamr.org/2004. Should be a good one this year (by the way, you don't have to be a TAMR member to attend, the general public is free to attend as well).

  by Railpac
No formal plans for me. I will probably just be working all summer.
  by WWRRDave
-Well, depending on what's going on.....I might drop by RailCamp, and say hi to a couple friends.
-Probably will go down to Cass, Durbin, and WMSR (catch another cabride perhaps?).
-I would like to get down to see my friends at the Tweetsie RR, but who knows if that'll happen--
-I'll definately get over to the Strasburg (45 mins away from home!) and hopefully get to talking with someone there about a job in the future!
-Will most likely be putting in time every weekend at the Wilmington and Western, as I'm working my way up to brakeman in (hopefully) 2 years.
-Also will be working on the Rough and Tumble 30" gauge Shay Railroad in Kinzers, PA (5 mins from Strasburg) as assistant fireman, and conductor.
-Somewhere in there I have to find time to get up to the Pennsylvania Live Steamers, and the New Jersey Live Steamers with my 1" NYC L-2a Mohawk, and try out the new 3 chime whistle and tenderpump.
-On top of that, I have to find time to work at the job that brings in the $$

  by brunswickrailfan
I'm getting a D100 for graduation.
Going to the Ohio Central shindig.
Railfanin' in the Bel-Del.
Getting to know the NS Lurgan Branch better (going to Shippensburg U)

More hangin' with the VRFE and TotalCSX guys at Shenandoah Jct!
  by obsessed railfan
Well, nothing special here, but I probably will head to some of the
"railfan weekend" photo shoots and so on. Yup.....................

  by bar358
I am going to make a few trips to Norther Maine on the MMA, in addition to my normal trips to the Moosehead sub. I am also going to try and get some railfanning done in Veracruz, Mexico, Tampa Florida, and San Juan Puerto Rico while shipping out.

Brunswickrailfan, do you have any photos of the F-40's that the OC bought this past year?

  by MetraF40C607
3rd week of June, see the 261 on that Tuesday and Friday.
That same Friday, I leave for Las Vages and make the trip from Vages
to LA to see BNSF in Fullerton and to railfan Cajon Pass.