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  by Gunsnclapton
I have been into railroads all my life. I have also been big on the music scene. I have played some pretty big shows including on Cable TV. Now I have also been at the throttle of a GP-9 on the Adirondack Scenic Railroad.

Now for my question---What feels better?

Nailing that guitar solo and having thousands of people watch you do it?
Being at the controls of a locomotive and listening to echos of the horn bouncing off the mountains around you.

I'm not even sure if there is anybody that has done both of these things but even if you haven't let me know.
BTW---If your in the NYC area, come see my band play some time:
  by fauxcelt
I have never driven a train of any type but I have steered something considerably larger than a train. When I was in the Navy and stationed on a frigate, there were a few times when I was ordered to relieve the helmsman for a few minutes and steer the ship.
As for the music part of your post, I have performed both solo and as part of a band in various situations (indoors, outdoors, concert halls, bars, restaurants) in front of small, medium, and large audiences. I play piano and bass (both acoustic and electric).