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  by trainfreak
Hey guys i was wondering how many of us teen railfans who are in high school play on a sports team for your school? Im currently trying out for my soccer team and if i make it it will be the 3rd year in a row. Plus im planning on trying out for our new ice hockey team in winter and i am hoping to make that. Well if you play a sport post here.

  by mc367
I played soccor for three years in Jr High, but I have scince moved on to Lacross (couse I can't let sports get in the way of Fall folage railfan), my dad also played Lacross way back in High School, he said that there field was near the tracks and they would often see frights roll bye, he then mentioned when he was in the game and a Eire Lackawanna Fright with a few F7's :( Not much you could do.

-Justin Franz

  by TAMR213
This thread has been locked because of the fact that this thread really does not have much, if anything to do with trains, but rather, with sports. Nothing against eaither member who posted in this thread, but rather, an attempt to keep things on this forum fairly streamlined anf on-topic.