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A forum for teen railroad enthusiasts

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  by CNW_4404_Lover
Whats the most popular thing for chats? AIM? YIM? Or else we could find somewhere else? All I'm saying is that we should have "teen railfan" chats, maybe once a week or something

  by Joe
That's a good idea, I got tons of railfan friends that all have AIM. Our website is http://www.CTRGroup.org . I'll tell 'em about this if we decide on anything, because they don't use this site. :(

  by trainfreak
I talk to a lot of my railfan friends via MSN Messenger. Its really easy to use and there are a lot of us on there who range in age. Its always a good time when we get a good chat going.

  by CNW_4404_Lover
ya i talk to you trainfreak- i'm talibanstein

  by PacificCommand
on AIM I am

R68 2770

  by AmtrakFan
Well I don't think an RR.Net Sponsered one will happen but if we wanted to talk on our own I would do that.


  by LBWaveDude
LBWaveDude <---- my AIM screen name

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
AIM - Mean87SS

  by Joe
OK, can agree on a time? It would be cool to have a weekly chat. :-D Probably in the evening on some day. Any suggestions? I think it should be at 9PM Eastern, 8 Central, etc.

  by AmtrakFan
Where would it be?

  by ANDY117
AIM-Fyrfsh. Hopefully changing it soon. MAybe DrStupid9889 or something i dunno yet.