Welcome, From your moderator, some rules, advice, etc.

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Welcome, From your moderator, some rules, advice, etc.

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Hi everyone. Your new moderator here. I would just like to make this post, to set up some guidlines for all of us. If anything should go sour, I intend to moderate fairly, but will not tolerate any sort of flame, disrespectful comment, etc. Other only rule, is to have some fun talking about trains! But here is some adivce and what I would like to see in this forum, and what I should be able to do as moderator, and what you should be able to do as members:

- Anyone who wishes for us to view a new article, should summerize the article, in thier own words, and then have a link back to the full story.

- Thread titles may be edited for content and clarity at the Moderator's discretion.

- Offensive or abusive posts from anyone will be removed immediately.

-If anyone questions why I delete a post, change something, etc. I will try to explain my actions the the best of my abillity.

- Lastly, if anyone has any questions about the forum, feel free to e-mail me, at my e-mail address, or IM me on AIM, both of which are available in my profile.

Thanks, and hope everyone will cooperate to make this one of the best forums on rr.net. If you have any questions or comments about this, feel free to ask (by e-mail or AIM). Happy railroading!
Erik Romatowski
Moderator - Conrail, Teen Railroad Enthusiasts


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