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  by 3rdrail
Hi fellow rail-fans. Rail-faning is a super activity - I've done it ever since I was six years old, and it has brought me much happiness. I want all of you to have the great time that I have had, which means no bad memories - especially the ones that you can help prevent. As well as being a "buff," I've been a police supervisor in the largest city police department in New England, and if you don't already know, I would like to make you aware of a few things which will help you safely and happily enjoy your hobby.

#1 - Always, always be careful around trains. They are wonderful, but also extremely dangerous. Be a "professional" when faning - don't get carried away with conversation, music, thoughts, or observations to the point that you don't see/hear a train bearing down on you!

#2 - Remember that sometimes a secluded area in a good neighborhood is more dangerous than an area in a bad neighborhood where there are a lot of people. Areas near RR right of way can sometimes fall into category number 1. If they're in a secluded area in a bad neighborhood, either don't go or don't go alone!

#3 - Be careful with anyone on any web site, including this one, who wants to link up for purposes of rail faning. Railfaning is best with a fellow rail buff buddy, but unfortunately, there are quite a few internet perverts out there who are getting quite adept at disguising who, how old, and what they are. If you agree to meet and rail-fan with a new found internet buddy, get a telephone number and call him first. Are you speaking with somebody your own age? Do they know railroad talk? Do they know enough about the area that they say they are from? Do they sound ok? Maybe the first time that you meet a new friend, it might still be a good idea to bring a friend or relative along with you- never go alone.

#4 - In any event, when rail-faning, always let somebody (preferably your parents), know exactly where you are going to be. This can save your life in the unfortunate event of an accident, sickness, or crime.

If I can help any of you out there, just give me an email!

Happy railfaning !!
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  by The RailMan
Very good tips Paul!

Oh and a bit of an important one, if encountered by law enforcement or RR staff, cooperation is key! I know there have been issues by where I am (we have MTA Police on Metro-North) about the PD encountering railfans, some people, as many of you realize, simply dont understand the hobby and can view you standing by the tracks taking photos as a possible bad thing...

Just thought I'd throw that out there!