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  by Joe
http://joelemay.rrpicturearchives.net/s ... x?id=26624

This is the best photo I have of an F40 and MP36. MP36 is flying, while the F40PHM is stopped.

Edit: That was posted a while ago, and I have a new favorite now...

While not my most popular pic, I like it a lot, and that's probably the photo I remember most when I took it...
I had just taken the 261 to Rock Island, IL, and the day after I walked across the river and saw 261 leaving Davenport, Iowa. After seeing it stop at the station, I walked back to a bridge overlooking the IC&E tracks. I was quite nervous and excited as the train rounded the curve and started towards me. As soon as I had taken that shot, I turned and ran out of the path of 261's exhaust (it was a grated bridge). :-D
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  by Christian S.
My favorite photo is one I took of SRC 89 on Labor Day, 2003. Unfortunately, I don't know how to get pics on computers. When I do, I'll post it. :)

  by emd_SD_60
I have numerous pictures, but on video (I need some software to transfer the video to my computer though).
  by Miketherailfan
Here's one of my favorites

  by The RailMan
Heres one of my favorites. Taken in spring 2000 at North White Plains yard, a northbound M3, 8024, comes through the yard. I was meeting a relative in NWP who works for MN and I brought my camera. It was one of my first attempts at railroad photography, and though it isn't as glamorous and I'm sure most of you could find faults in it, I like it.
P.S. Please forgive my crappy scanner :P