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  by gearhead426
rescently i begged my dad to drag me out to a live steam club in massacutecs. this club was pretty big, 5 or 6 trains of about 7 inch gauge were driving around and you could ride on the cars. some of the engineeres had desil locomotives with a brigs and stratton motor in the cab. the steamers were amazing. i love the smell of coal. there was a steel bridge that went over your head, and probably a mile of track in all. il post the name of the club if i can remember it. it was valley railroad steamers or something.
after the trains, my dad needed some avaition action. after watching some jets take off from behind the fence, i spotted a 25 ton switcher on a siding. there was some tank cars next to the airoprt(presumably for fuel) and some wharehouse-ish building with some box cars. the builders plate said 1949 or something like that. cute isnt a word i like to use a lot, but its a good way to describe the 25tonner.

  by Steam
Are you referring to the Pioneer Valley Live Steamers in Southwick, Mass.?

There's another great live steam group in Holliston, Mass. They call themselves the Waushakum Live Steamers. They have a fabulous track layout with 7-1/4", 4-3/4" and 3-1/2" gauges. The latter two are on elevated trestlework so you sit on flatcars with your legs hanging over the inside. Both these clubs have websites you can Google!

Live steam is a great hobby, but it is being slowly invaded by gasoline/battery powered trains which are not nearly as challenging or as much fun as steam.

But check it ou!

  by gearhead426
yes it was the pioneer valley club.
my schools drafting teacher, who builds live steam locomotives, got me into it.