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  by Espee9180
Other Then Trains:

- Formula One.

- Mountain Biking.

- Playing Games: Call of Duty Modern Warfare (soon to be Modern Warfare 2), Left 4 Dead (soon to be Left 4 Dead 2), and Audiosurf (great game if you like music) all for the computer.

- History: Mainly 1939 - 1945 (World War II).

- Music. I don't play anything (Mostly rock, any kind I'll give a listen to).

- Girls (like that needs to be said).

- Cars (Top Gear, best show on TV for cars).
  by CSXTfan
wells as moste people said
legos are kinda for when im bored
us army us navy/air force
Im in a police explorer post(1916ftw!)
oh and i play mmorpgs when im bored also.
and oh ya did i mention girls??? :-D
  by #7470
lets see. Well there's...
My girlfriend
I like boxing
The Office
antiques especially machines
Definitely PS3 and Red Dead Redemption
Wild West
New Hampshire