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  by NJTKid01
Sports Journalism

Just simply put, its my thing in life that keeps me alive. Gotta love it!

  by Murjax
Some of the things I am interested in are found in my profile but I will say them here and some other things here too.

Train Simulator
Watching Trains(never really had much of a chance to ever do it though because I don't live too close to a station :()
Flight Simulator
Watching Planes
Connecticut(I love it there and they have great trains :))

  by stevo
girls are at the bottom of your list? they're at the top of mine! followed very closely by trains :P

  by Murjax
stevo wrote:girls are at the bottom of your list? they're at the top of mine! followed very closely by trains :P
Hehe I didn't know we were supossed to list them from the most favorite to the least.

  by stevo
well...you aren't supposed to necesarily...but that's just how it's done usually.

  by The RailMan
Some pics crossing my three biggest hobbies, railfanning, cars and photography!

2 Classic 900s (owned by the same guy) who had them on our annual run in rural PA, taken with a Nikon D80 (amazing camera my friend owns, she handed it to me to take pics out of her car window at 80+MPH :P )

My 1986 Saab 9000 Turbo at the Greystone station on Metro-North's Hudson Line
  by Darien Red Sox
Avation (both a Being and Canadair/Bombardier fan)
Baseball (you can tell thisone by my user name)
Apple Computer and everything relating to it
Bible Study
Boy Scouts (curentley an Assistent Scout Master)
Do it yourself TV shows (This Old House ext.)
Travle (don't get to do it often though)
  by Lucius Ameri
{Hispanic} Girls :wink:
Basketball Photography {Former Girls' Varsity Photographer} If anyone wants to see some of my work, just PM me
Aviation {Delta & Pan American are ALMOST as cool as Amtrak & Deutsche Bahn! :-D }
Politics & Foreign Affairs
Graphic Design
Music {the latest hits...and some oldies...}
  by CN9634

oh and of course girls.
  by IC&E6565
Fire Apparatus
radio scanners.
Music[Real music, meaning Rock especially Metallica & Black Sabbath, NO hip hop/rap crap]
  by Darien Red Sox
SRC90 wrote:Lets see here....

*Boy Scouts
Glad to see that I am not the only one with these interests on this form. :-D
  by theseaandalifesaver
Music, Biking, Traveling, Discovering, History, Writing.