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Greg Dahbura.......Hagerstown Md. 14
Modeler of NS operations in the Hagerstown Maryland area........

Lehigh Valley Railroad

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Chalk me up..........



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Is in the house. Live next to lex ave line to mnr to school everyday.


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Chris Keating, official 100% CNW fan since I was 5

15 years old
Kenosha, Wisconsin


Roll Call

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My name is Ken Kuehne. I won't be a teen for much longer, but I love railfanning my home state of Kansas.


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Brian Oxee
Pelham New York


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How could i leave this out
Railcamp 2002 Session #1


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Steve Wasiura
Just found this forum for the first time today.
Age 18 and a PM 1225 (Steam Railroading Institute) volunteer.

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Not technically a teen -- almost 21 -- but I'm a fan and photographer of Metra, NICTD (South Shore Line) and a little of everything else, from just outside Chicago.


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Hello everybody

Anyway, I'm Daniel Putz.
Jefferson, MD (ex H&FRY station stop)
Constantly out n' about at Shenandoah Jct and Brunswick, MD.

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Michael/Texas Eagle
Disibility: Blindness


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Not technically a teenager anymore (number wise, no. Mentally, yes.) but a young railfan.

Connor. 20. Philadelphia.

All sorts of commuter and NEC action here. Close to about a dozen functioning rail stations.

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All we get down hear is just Metra and Amtrak about 35 minutes away.

Lake State ALCohaulic

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I get good CSX Detroit-Chicago action
Stevensville, MI
Also...CN's Grand Trunk line, double track, GRANGER, IN :D

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What the heck, I'm still a teen for now at least.

Nicholas O'Sullivan
Berkeley Heights/New Brunswick, NJ

I'm an NJT railfan if you couldn't tell from my avatar.
~Nick O.: Moderator: NJT Rail

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