Roll Call - How many of us on the forum?

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Roll Call - How many of us on the forum?

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Just how many of us are on the new forum?

John Witthaus
St. Louis, MO

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Erik Romatowski
Highland Park NJ
TAMR Auditor
Erik Romatowski
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never new there was a teen group to bad i am 20 now


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Hey john recignose me? BTW i can't spell worth crap


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Jeff Knadler
Tamaqua, Pennsylvania

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Hey yall. Im Jeff from Wantage, New Jersey and im 16. I railfan CSX's Riverline whenever i can.
View my photos here.
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Yet another teen railroader!

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Dave Haring
Age 16
Newark, Delaware
Graduate, NRHS RailCamp Session 1, 2001
-Author: RailCamp 2001 (Railfan and Railroad, June 2002) :P

-Glad to see that there are actually a number of teens involved in the forum!

HighlandRail/DEY-7 652
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Mike L
Railcamp 2002 Session # 2
Mike L

The Springfield Line's longest shoving move record holder.

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Justin Franz
From Just North of No Where.
Hay, I'm not a Graduate but I am going to Railcamp 2004 :P Sweet
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Todd N.
M.P. 93.5 CSX lakeshore sub.
Erie, PA

Robert Paniagua
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Robert Paniagua
Holbrook MA (20 mi South of Boston)

Robert Paniagua, Moderator of the Railroad Marine Operations Forums.

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Matthew Minson
Age: 18
Castine, Maine


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Tom C. ("Sharpie")
From the state just like Massachusetts, only dirtier and with less character

Great-Grandad was the Houlton dispatcher on the BAR, my grandmother was the last ME native in my line. I plan to go to college and eventually live in ME myself.
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Good discreption of CT. Of course Maine aint that much of a jumpin place. Few less trains, But lot better lookin scenery. Lot diffrent from CT thats for sure.
-Justin Franz

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