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  by CoastStarlight99
With summer coming fast, most of my friends are enrolled in summer school or have some kind of job. I am intereasted in pretty much any kind of railroad job around my area. I live around Los Angeles, and I primarily intereasted in a job with Amtrak, or Metrolink. UP/BNSF seem to only accept applicants 18 or over. Has anyon had eany experince being hired as a minor for a railorad company?


  by justinking
I dont really see it happening. I'm almost 20, out of school and was looking for a full time job for a railroad and came up empty handed. Railroads look at your past work history, where you worked and how long you stayed and if you dont have at least a fair amount of prior work under your belt chances are they arent going to hire you. Plus 99.99% of rail jobs you are requierd to be over 18.

  by metman499
About the best you could hope for is to be in college, in a degree program like transportation management or something similar and apply for a summer internship. I think NS does/has done this out of Harrisburg. Otherwise if looking for summer railroad experience volunteer at a local tourist railroad. It may not be operations but I'm sure you'll learn something.

  by alex45
Not this summer, but next summer I can start working for Amtrak. I could handle baggage, or become a ticket agent. Planning on one of those 2.

  by stevo
work for a museum or something. that's what i do, only i don't get paid anything, so it's not really a job....

  by farmerjohn
Good luck with that one!. You gotta be atleast 18. Dont count on amtrak,
I tested and now im waiting on them. ahaha. From what my friends have told me, they take forever to respond. Most light rail jobs around you gotta be 18, san diego trolley whont take anybody unless their 21. Im 20 and from my experiences of being from a Union Pacific interview to Amtrak, theirs always atleast 2-3 railroad people in the room that are in their 30's and tend to be the pick. Its not like the old days where they had young people working. Theirs too much liability and responsibility for the companys and employees now in days. Ive been into the amtrak baggage terminal at LAUS and its a pretty quiet place. 2 to 3 guys can handle the back alone now in days. Its not husteling and busteling like it use to be. But dont give up!.
Determanation will get you their.-Regards-

  by stevo
are there any railroads that will hire you under 18?

  by alex45
I doubt it since there are not that many positions for a 16-18 year old.

  by B&MYoshi
Exactly. What role can a minor do on the railroad except clear out toilets?

Minors typically aren't robust enough to handle the heavy out-there jobs; nor is a railroad willing to trust accounting or other pencil jobs to minors.

My plan this summer is to volunteer out at the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum in Shelburne Falls, MA www.sftm.org as well as try to get a job at an LHS.

  by Otto Vondrak
You pretty much need to be 18 to work for a railroad, they don't give summer jobs to kids, unfortunately. Most of the time, it's a union issue.

Why not consider volunteering at your local railroad museum?


  by stevo
one problem with volunteering at our local museum...very often...there isn't a local museum. i live in southern new hampshire. i volunteer at the seashore trolley museum, about 2 hours away. i've been there twice this year. i just turned 16 yesterday, so i don't have a lisence (well...not for cars :P ) and i certainly don't have my own car. my ride is another guy in nashua who only goes on saturdays. i am busy most saturdays. so...i've only been up twice this year. i wish there was a closer place i could go to...but no. there isn't.

  by Otto Vondrak
True, we don't always have a local museum to volunteer at. If that's the case, either find a ride or wait until you're old enough to drive... trains will always be here, there's no rush!

  by Conrail1990
It would be nice if they could have a railroad minor program where minors can get experience with trains in like a yard setting.

  by Otto Vondrak
Never has been and never will be such a program. Some things you really just have to wait until you get older (which sucks, I know).

You guys should really read this one:

http://railroad.net/articles/columns/ho ... 060602.php


  by Joe Fox
Hi guys,

I am a volunteer at the W, W, & F Ry in Alna Maine. For those of you who want to work on a railroad in the future, volunteering on a near by tourist railroad is a good start. I went to RailCamp last year at Scranton, and had a great time, and on top of that I have been a volunteer at the W, W, & F for over 2 years now. I am a track crew worker, brakemen, and a few other things also. For more information, please feel free to ask.