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A forum for teen railroad enthusiasts

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  by B&MYoshi
NTRES is a forum/society meant for teens across the nation and abroad. Our primary goal was to create a free home for teens dedicated 100% to trains. We charge absolutley nothing. We don't focus on any paticular locale, as we wanted a balanced environment for everyone.

We do hold photo contests, as well as a Marketplace where teens can sell, buy and trade with other teens.

As we gain members, smaller divisions of NTRES are starting as clubs where you can interact with other teens face to face.

I am Bostonyoshi, co-founder and co-administrator of NTRES.
We welcome new members, and would be delighted if you participated.



  by Guilford Guy
For thse of u in the Notheast MA area
there is a round robin roup based off NTRES
as well as a YMR-online.org club

  by Otto Vondrak
What is this? Is this something you made up?


  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
Also, check out the TAMR... Worldwide, not just Boston area, over 40 years old, still going strong.

  by B&MYoshi
This was a startup of 4 guys on the East Coast (Massachusetts, Maryland, Georgia) who found other teen forums were difficult to use, and therefore started a new one. We actually are national and international. We have members in in every part of the country, as well as some abroad.

Our club divisions are just starting. The first two are New England Division and the Georgia Division. The New England Division is centered about 20 miles Northwest of Boston. The Georgia Division is centered north of Atlanta.

  by B&MYoshi
And by the way, this was created before my first visit to Railroad.net

Thanks for a great forum.