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  by PhillyBoy890

  by PRRGuy
NICTD (South shore line)....best job I'll ever have.

  by justinking
Well, I really loved alot of the independent frieght service, All time Favorite was the B&O. I don't really get alot out of modern passenger service outside of ridership.

  by silverliner266
defenatly the East Broad Top

  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050

  by Anthony RMLI
Long Island Railroad and Strasburg Railroad

  by stevo
i'd have to agree with LIRR :P

  by pennsy
Hi All,

When I was a Long Islander, it was the LIRR. Now that I am a Southern Californian, it is Metrolink. I admire most about them that they are always on schedule. You can set your watch by their timetable. The San Bernardino Line of Metrolink is incredible, including the F-59PHI's and the Bombardier bilevels. Even the restrooms on board are clean. And if you need to catch the 7:45 into LAUS, at 7:45 there will be a train in front of you ready for you to board. Most of the time you see a few passengers that are running late, running to catch the train.

  by Murjax
I like Amtrak, particularly on the NEC. I also like Metro-North. :D

  by lb101
I would say the LIRR which is always going your way. :-)

  by nycrailfan
I live in Staten Island,NY. My favorite oldie is the Pennsylvania RR and my favorite new is a tie between NJT and Metro- North

  by bapou
NJ Transit of course! :)
  by atsf sp
MBTA is my favorite. I can't get enough F40s!
  by joecop509

becuse thay have stations in my city :-)
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