What is your favorite passenger railroad?

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What is your favorite passenger railroad?

Post by Amtrak31 »

What is your favorite passenger railway and why?

Mine are Amtrak and Metra. I live very close to their tracks (about 10 minutes) and I see them very often.

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Post by AznSumtinSumtin »

King County Metro in Washington. They made a bus rapid transit system and they made it work well, unlike the MBTA. Yes, the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel is BRT even though most public officials probably say its just a tunnel reserved for busses. Yes it is closed for the next 2 years because it will be converted for to handle both LRV and BRT. No I don't know how LRV and BRT in the same tunnel will work unless the LRV vehicles got poles similar to those of trackless trolley buses.'

I like the King County Metro because they did what was stated above.

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Post by sullivan1985 »

NJ Transit Rail Ops. and MTA Metro-North Railroad because well, they are local, and I see them on a regular basis. I also just landed a job with NJT, so that helps too.


Post by Amtrak31 »

sullivan1985 wrote:I also just landed a job with NJT, so that helps too.


Post by CoastStarlight99 »

Amtrak (USA), and Trenitalia (Italy.

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Post by Engineer James »

Well, bud. No offence... but NOT AMTRAK! any other passenger roads, and i especially like the idea of independent Freight road passenger servoce again!


Post by VRELackie »

VRE (Virginia Railway Express) well yeah i am pretty biased as i work hands on with their fleet for a living...

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Post by AmtrakPhill629 »

Amtrak and Long Island Railroad.

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Post by Bay Head Local »

NJ Transit and Metro-North ........mostly because of the diversity of equipment(I love the mixed trains of comet II,III,IV,and V's) and the way the systems are built(especially NJT)

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Post by CNJGeep »

NJT, hands down. I run for the rare stuff. SApeaking of which, I just added 5006 to my list of cabs seen. One more CometIII left. SQUEE!
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Post by B&MYoshi »

MBTA all the way.

And for something unique, IR, Indian Railways

IR, fast as fire, something I find difficult to say for Amtrak. 10 minutes late is unacceptable in India...and such a smooth ride.

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Post by CN9634 »

VIA, because they rock :-D

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Post by RearOfSignal »

My favorite is the Metro-North RR, What other railroad has the combination of one of the busiest terminals in the world's greatest city, and some of the most scenic views. Plus, the unusuall cab signal system.

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Post by njt/mnrrbuff »

If I could add one thing as all of us MN buffs know, the company is railfan friendly.

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