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  by Amtrak31
Hey everyone. I thought I'd start up a topic about what everyone's favorite place to train watch is. Mine is anywhere on the BNSF Transcon. Joliet is my all time favorite. Lots of trains. GREAT variety. I live about 10 minutes from the Joliet Union Station.

  by RCH022
On the Norfolk Southern Harrisburg line between Harrisburg,Pa and Wyomissing,Pa. Usually about 50 trains a day. -Ryan

  by 4 Express
I think the Hillside Facility & the abandoned Hillside station on the Long Island Railroad would be the perfect places to watch trains, but unfortunately none of them are open to passengers so I guess that means that anywhere between Jamaica & Floral Park on the Main Line is great.

  by Bucyrus6150
St. Lawrence & Hudson (Ex D&H) between Nicholson and Dalton. Not near as many as some other places (only about 16-20 trains a week) but its better than nothing.

  by sullivan1985
BJ Tower and Rutherford Station in Rutherford, New Jersey along New Jersey Transits Bergen County Line.

  by njtmnrrbuff
Waterbury, Ct
Fullerton, Ca-this is a must for anyone on the east coast who hasn't been to Cali. Lots of BNSF as well as Amtrak and Metrolink. No one bothers you here.
Santa Barbara, Ca
San Diego(Amtrak Station)
Cold Spring, NY
most stations south of LB on transit's coastline
Princeton Jct, NJ
Philadephia's 30th street station from Septa property.
Dover, NJ

  by AmtrakFan
My Favorites
Downers Grove, IL
Naperville, IL
Alliance, NE
La Grange, IL
Milwaukee Airport Stop, WI
Manhamine Metra Station
Cheyenne, WY
Powder River Basin

  by AznSumtinSumtin
My favorites:
Oak Grove area in Malden, Massachusetts. Reading and Haverill commuter trains pass through there every day. And the MBTA Orange Line subway trains turn around on the surface there too.

The CSX yard in Allston or Cambridge, Massachusetts(I forget what city its in, all I know is that I take the #66 bus there).

MBTA Lechmere Station on the Green Line in Cambridge is perfect is photograph MBTA Green Line trolleys turn around and BET(not the music channel, I'm talking about the Boston Engine Terminal).

  by njtmnrrbuff
The CSX yard, referred to as Beacon Hill Yard I believe, is in Allston. Cambridge is across the Charles River. I have quite a few favorite spots in and around Beantown. Route 128, that park right by N. Station where you can view everything out of there. One of these days, I want to make a daytrip to Boston to railfan and cover some more mileage on MBTA Commuter rail, especially out to Rockport.

  by B&MYoshi
Beacon Park Yard is in Alliston/Brighton. Therefore, its all actually in the city of Boston, since both Alliston and Brighton are part of the actual City. Its easy to access from Storrow Drive or the Alliston Brighton exit on the Pike.

I enjoy railfanning at my local MBTA stop, and out in the Berkshires. I especially enjoy Deerfield Yard, Shelburne Falls, and the Tunnel Portals.

  by CN9634
Dorval, PQ
Anywhere on the SLR
Danville Junct.
Lewiston Junct.

  by Bay Head Local
Secacuc Junction,NJ
Floral Park,NY
New Brunswick,NJ
Zoo Junction,PA

  by Tadman
Joliet Union Depot
Roosevelt Road approach to CUS, LSS
Canal/CUS approach

  by M&Eman
Summit, N.J-Interesting Movements, 175 Passenger trains plus EXTREMELY rare freight
Maplewood, N.J-Home Station 175 trains per day
Oak Island Yard, Newark-THere is almost no security ther
Hoboken Terminal-self explanatory

  by njtmnrrbuff
New Haven ct is a favorite of mine. You get everything, ranging from MN to Amtrak. Most people don't care about it as long as you don't do anything stupid.