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  by stevo
lol what line do you live on?

  by drumz0rz
Port Jefferson in Diesel territory.

  by stevo
nice...my grandparents are on the main line between mineola and merrilon ave.

  by Amtrak7
I am in the LIRR 'cavity' Both the KO and PJ lines (and DIVIDE) are <5 miles from home. I hear horns from the New South Rd. and South Oyster Bay Rd. crossing all the time.

  by stevo
nice...i've been fanning at divide. it's a fun place.

  by Pablo M 201
I live close to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail. I have the West Side Avenue line running at the end of my block, which is about a half block from me. The station that is better accessible to me is Liberty State Park. I love that I live relatively close to this great system. The service is definately nice to have over the bus service I get in my area.

  by stevo
nice! i rode the HBLR system last august, it was a nice ride. i've been all over the new york city transit system as well.

  by bapou
I used to live in South Orange NJ, and Mountain Station was basically my back yard, about 60 feet from the house.
  by atsf sp
I live a 2 minute walk from MBTA Green B-Line, 10 minute walk from the MBTA Green C-Line, and 15 from the D-Line. Also I am about 2 miles from CSX Beacon Park, and Grand Junction.
  by Darien Red Sox
It is about a 5 to 10 min walk to the New Haven line though. Most activity in the morning or evenign comute. Some frate servace at late night. Not mutch in the mid afternoon though. I do take the train everymorning to school.
  by inch53
We live a short ¼ off the CSX Indy-St Louis between CP-98 and CP-99. I can watch trains from my train room window, when there isn’t any corn outback like this year.
I live right behind Fern Rock car yards and Fern rock Regional rail station.

This is the view from my bedroom.
  by iceman977th
Closest line I think is the Lexington Industrial track up in Catlettsburg, about 2 or 3 miles away, with the Big Sandy Subdivision (CSX) a close second, about 6 miles east.
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