How close do you live to the tracks?

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I live about 15 miles from some BNSF tracks that are not used much, I never go here, but I can hear the horns from my house alot because I have a city view ..but I cant see the trains :(

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2 Blocks From My Place there are Tracks


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I just moved to the place I was talking about last Thursday. I havent had much time to go watch trains (still upacking and stuff, but I did see one Canadian National) I wrote down all the times I heard them go by, at least 20 trains a week, theres not much action up until Thursday Friday and Saturday. Hopefully I'll be able to get out tomorrow and Saturday for a day of train watching before I gotta start school again on monday


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3 Miles from BNSF Chicago Sub.

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Metuchen station.

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I live 2 miles from the St. Lawrence and Atlantic (Former Grand Trunk) and perhaps 20 minutes from the Guilford Maine Line to Waterville. I do however get down to Rigby and Danville. I've also gone to Dorval and Estcourt.

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NJT Bergen County Line is right behind my house, NJT Pascack Junction about 1 mile, and NJT Main Line about 1 1/2 miles.

Also have the NYGL and the NYSW in my neighborhood.

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My home town (Reading, MA) has a commuter rail line going through it but I'm not too close to the tracks. Now at UNH in Durham, NH, Amtrak's Downeaster stops right on campus and there's a fair amount of freight traffic also. I can't see the tracks from my dorm but they're pretty close. I've been writing down the times whenever I notice a freight train going by (I'm sure I miss some of them, however).

Overall I'm pleased with my new location! Definitely more trains than I'm used to.


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I live about 30 yards from the Long Island RailRoad in Long Beach. here are some pictures i took

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50 houses away from LIRR montalk line
lets go rangers

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I live 3 houses away from the LIRR mainline......I can see M-1/M-3's and M-7's speeding by outside my window about every 30-45 minutes.

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I live 2 miles from the tracks of the Penn Eastern Rail Line (shortline) and can hear them blowing the horn when they run through town. I love every minute of it! :-)

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I live about 3 miles from the Fitchburg Commuter Line of the MBTA. Sometimes I hear faint horns coming from Ayer. However, just yesterday, I saw a guilford extra carrying a few tank cars right through West Acton! Sure, might not be much, but it was a welcome change from the Purple.


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I live about a two blocks from the Maryland Midland line through Westminster. Other than that I'm right inbetween the two CSX lines (both more than 20 minutes away however). I try and catch the CSX trains but I normally dont get the chance to run them down. I can watch the MMIDs UBEG go through from my work twice a day though.


Re: How close do you live to the tracks?

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Bucyrus6150 wrote:I just got the idea for this thread 'cause, we've got to move. I hated the idea at first but, the place were 99.9% sure were going to take is less than a 1/4 of a mile from the The St. Lawrence & Hudson tracks :-D
Cool ... if you ended up in Nicholson/Factoryville, you're just about 15 miles (as the crow flies) northwest of me. This is a great area for anyone interested in railroad history.

I'm lucky enough to have tracks right in my backyard—literally! They're no more than 200 yards from my house and I have a full view of the trains that pass by. These former D&H tracks are currently owned by the Lackawanna County Rail Authority, which leases them to D-L for their Scranton-Carbondale freight runs. I generally see two trains a day during the hours I'm home, sometimes up to four or five.


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