How close do you live to the tracks?

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How close do you live to the tracks?

Post by Bucyrus6150 »

I just got the idea for this thread 'cause, we've got to move. I hated the idea at first but, the place were 99.9% sure were going to take is less than a 1/4 of a mile from the The St. Lawrence & Hudson tracks :-D

Some pictures of the area here: (the Nicholson Factoryville pictures)


Post by AEM7Fan »

Well, at least there's a positive for your move. I'm about that far away from a Norfolk Southern line which runs from Lancaster to Columbia to hook up with their "Port Road" Branch. Unfortunately, there isn't much action on the route. :( However, we are about 5 minutes away from Amtrak's Keystone Line. :-D

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Post by MetraRy »

hey, I am 1 block from the Union Pacific Geneva District, 4 Blocks from a IC line, and about 6 blocks to proviso yard.


Post by MetraF40C607 »

I live one mile from the Illinois Central Freeport Sub and three miles from the Milwaukee West Metra District.

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Post by AznSumtinSumtin »

I live about half mile from the MBTA's Haverhill/Reading line and the Orange Line subway.


Living Close To The Tracks

Post by Amtrak31 »

I live less than 5 minutes from the EJ&E Mainline, and about 10 minutes from Joliet Union Station. :-)

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Post by njt/mnrrbuff »

I am nine tenths of a mile from transit's upper montclair station of the Montclair Boonton. A lot of traffic and in three years, there will be weekend service. There is a freight line probaly just over 2 miles from me in Nutley. This is Norfolk and Southern's NWK branch. The service in this is a big joke. Might as well convert it into a light rail line but the tracks have to really be shaped up. I think I am like 6 miles from the Orange station of transit's Morris and Essex. I am probaly less than 3 miles from the ex-Erie main at Clifton station but when someone can give me a lift to that line, I use Passaic.


Post by stevo »

guolford runs at by the end of my street


Post by CN/NECR »

I live 30 miles away from a CP,and CN line.I have to travel by car,it's all highway.It's all worth it though,you seee about 30-40 trains(during the day) both CN,CP.

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Post by hioo1 »

right across the street from the CSX Trenton line, across from the Hopewell train station


Post by SeldenJrFireman »

I live about 3 miles to the closest tracks and crossing. I can however hear the horn miles away. When I am at my model railroad club, the tracks are a mear 50 feet into the woods!

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Post by Joe »

2 blocks from the BNSF Chicago subdivision. Lotsa action, but it's a quiet zone so I don't hear horns all that often from my house. :(

My friend used to have the tracks in his backyard but he moved.

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Post by TAMR213 »

The NEC is in my backyard. Over 200 trains a day!
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Post by Frank »

I live about 9 blocks away from the Massapequa Park RR station.
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Post by Fla East Coast Chris »

And seeing M1's and M3's and M7's glide by!!!! AAARRRGGGGHHH
an occasional DE/DM or NYAR!!!!!!

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