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  by AFR
Hello all!
I´m new here.
So I start saying "hello" and telling a bit of mine.

I live in Vienna, Austria. So please don´t be so strikt, normally I speak German. I´m interested in US-trains because they are so big compared to "our" European trains. E.g. here in Europe, there are no (freight)trains longer than ~30 wagons, and the locomotives haven´t that power and that size like it is in USA.
I like my home railroad, the Austrian Federal Railroad (AFR) :-D (in German: ÖBB - Österreichische Bundesbahnen) and it´s rolling stock most of all, but my favourite American locos are:

diesel: Dash 9 (BNSF)
steam locos: "Challenger" (UP)
electric: GG1 (I think from Pennsylvania RR)

  by stevo
welcome aboard!

good job naming your favorite american locos, i can't name one european loco, let alone pick a favorite.

and yes, the GG1 is originally from the pennsylvania railroad. i'd have to put that as my favorite electric as well.

you don't have bad english for a german speaker, i'd say...the only one i had a little trouble with was the german name of the AFR!! my mom grew up speaking german though, so i managed to get my tongue around probably a rather butchered version of the pronunciation.

  by Anthony RMLI
Railroads: Strasburg RR, LIRR, Hew Hope and Ivyland RR, Black River and Western RR

Engines: 2-10-0, 4-8-0, 2-6-0, 0-6-0, 4-6-0, 2-8-0, DE30 GP-9 and GP38-2

  by nycrailfan
Growing up in New York, my favorite railroad is Conrail. My first train was seen in Congers, NY on Conrail's River Line. Too bad it was split between CSX and NS. To me, Conrail was the only railroad that adored railfans. When I went train watching in North Bergen Yard, NJ, the employees gave me hats and fliers. They let my father and I get close to the locomotives and the facility. That will never happen now. (GOOD TIMES!) My favorite diesel engine will have to be the SD40-2 and my favorite steam engine will have to be the Hudson.
  by 44 tonner
#7470 wrote:I'm more of a preservation RR enthusiest. My favorite RR is definately the Conway Scenic Railroad. My favorite locomotives are the CN 7470 steam locomotive, the 501 steamer, 573 GP-7, and the Alco S4 #1055, all from the Conway Scenic.

I would have to agree on that but add #15 and the twins in there. :-D
  by Amtrak7
Good railroads-BNSF, LIRR, NJT, AMTK, CP, CN
Good locos-ES44AC, ES44DC, GE-9-44CW, P42, AEM7, PL42AC, P32AC-DM, ALP-46

Bad railroads-UP, MNCRR, CSXT
Bad locos- F9, F40 (all variants), switch locos

I know my views are contradictory!
  by Eric Mezzo
CSX, Conrail, Nflk So., NJ Transit, CNJ, Pennsy

GP40, GP40-2, GP38, GP38-2, SD70ACe, SW1500, 4-8-0
  by atsf sp
Favorite Railroad today: BNSF
Favorite Railroad: ATSF
Favorite Engines: P42, SD45, AC6000CW, ATSF F7 347C, SP GS-4 4-8-4
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  by Lehighton_Man
Fav. Roads? ALot of Northeast Stuff before Conrail(and Conrail too!)
Locomotives? Anything ALCo does me well :D
  by mrconductor55
Hi All,

My favorite locomotive is the EMD SW1, I also like F-Units and Alcos. My favorite Railroad is the Rock Island even though the only rock Island engines I've seen in person are Steam Locomotives on static display
  by trainlvr7
I personally like the SD70MAC, AEM-7, P42, F40, from Amtrak, CSX, ARR
  by trainlvr7
Favorite railroads: Amtrak, CSX, Shore Line East, Metro North, NJ Transit

Favortie Locos: P40, AEM-7, HHP-8, Acela Trainsets, GP40-2h, F40ph, GP40, SD70MAC, AC4400, Dash 8, GP38-2
My favorite Locomotive is the AEM-7, ALP-44, ALP-46 & the soon to be made ALP-45D or 45.
  by guilford88panam
fav railroad: guilford/pan am

fav locos:
  by kalvingp30fan
Favorite Railroads - Conrail, Penn Central, Milwaukee Road
Favorite Locomotives diesel - SD80MAC, GP30, RS 27, U25B, and anything Baldwin :-D
Favorite Electrics - GG1, E44, Little Joe, E60's