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  by The RailMan
Just wondering, whats everyones favorite piece of RR memerobilia? (outside of pictures of course) I have a small amount of stuff off of Metro-North. I gotta dig up my box of RR stuff. I keep my other stuff on my car, so when I'm out railfanning, it deters the railroad police from finding a reason to give me a ticket. I have a rare patch I keep on the dash that was from the now disbanned Metro-North Grand Central Terminal Fire Department. here is an image, its the patch on the right


It's a cool image, an EMD FL-9 with a firehose. I'm yet to find one on ebay. The gray marks on the patch are pieces of lint, I forgot to clean it off before scanning it in. I think I've posted a picture of my Metro-North license plate frame on here too, thats my other favorite.
I also have operators manuals to FL-9 ACs and MN P 32 Genesis units. I'd scan those in, but I got to find the box with them in it, and I think the FL9-AC book is in my glove compartment for some reason.

  by TAMR213
Thats an interesting patch. Whats the history of the GCT FD? Never even heard of it. Would love to find out somemore about it.

  by MetraRy
neato. those are pretty cool

  by The RailMan
Metro-North has always had a fire department, the most well known is if you go up to the Croton-Harmon open house in October there is usually a display. As far as I know the GCT FD has disbanded. I have a relative, now elsewhere on MN, was one of the last classes of firefighters for the GCT FD. It is pretty much overlooked, considering it isn't well known. I myself do not even know the history that well. I know the last group of firefighters were around in 1995 at the same time of the Metrocard induction into the MTA system (I had a copy of the employee paper with the picture of the firefighters inside and the cover showed the first Metrocard machines being used, and as I think about it, it was also the same time that the MTA changed its logo to the now familiar "Pac-man" logo) I may head over to the MN forum and poke around with the MN guys and see what I can get.

  by AmtrakFan
I have Amtrak's 1st Timetable from 1971 and the current Amtrak Logo that they use to stick on Business Class Cars but Collectors took so they had to stop.

  by Njt4300
My favorite RR stuff are as follows:

1. Conductor Hat
2. Hole Punch
3. Skeleton Keys from my father.
4. Engineer Hat
5. and a whole bunch of other Nj Transit things.

  by CoastStarlight99
I collect all sorts of this stuff, but my FAVORITE is the Coast Starlight Merchandise..Check it out!

(This is my website with a page just for this stuff)

http://www.trainweb.org/coaststarlight9 ... ducts.htm

  by AEM7Fan
About 10 years ago an engineer gave myself and my uncle a ride in an AEM-7 on the head of a Keystone train between Harrisburg and Lancaster. When we went out to railroad crossings to watch him take controls of the Broadway in the evenings, he would always throw little engineer packets filled with small things, and they had the old "Safe Team on Time" logo from Amtrak on them. I know I have them buried here somewhere, and also, I mailed (then president) George Warrington about 5 years ago about what I would need to do in the future to become an engineer for Amtrak and one of his associates answered it for him.

  by sullivan1985
In my room hanging on my walls are a yellow RXR sign, a few RR Property Signs, a NJT Buried Cables Flag, tons of railroad spikes from all the locations I visit, an old red reflector from an old abandoned manual switch and all other kinds of random relics I find along the ROW.