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  by general440

I see alot of the other teens here are into todays modern commuter/freight/ pass. railroads, But is any one into the really old stuff from the beginning of steam railroads to 1870 or so?

  by walt
One thing you will discover as you look at "old" railroads ( It is interesting to see the New Haven placed in that category, as I am old enough to remember that railroad-- and had a cousin who was a Chief Dining Car Steward for the NH in the 1950's & 1960's) is that the history of American Railroading is one of merger and consolidation. A listing of all of the 19th Century Railroads would fill an entire book, and most of the "great" railroad names of the fairly recent past ( PRR, NYC, NH, Southern, Seaboard, Atlantic Coast Line, Norfolk- Western, etc. etc. etc.) are actually merged companies. An interesting, if lengthly, exercise would be to trace the corporate origins of today's railroad names, particularly the NS, CSX, BNSF etc. This will keep you off the streets and out of the pool halls for a significant period of time! :-)

  by dmk092
Yes, Im into 'fallen flags.'
In particular, the 'Pennsy' and Reading.
I am also a fan of the B&O, FEC, IRT, BMT, and IND (OK, so those last three arent railroads). My interests for everything are the prewar period, mostly the early twentieth century to 1930's.

  by Otto Vondrak
If the IRT, BMT, and IND aren't railroads, what are they?


  by Ken W2KB
Otto Vondrak wrote:If the IRT, BMT, and IND aren't railroads, what are they?-otto-
A friend of mine works for the "trolley in a sewer pipe," e.g., PATH. :wink: (former Hudson and Manhattan Railroad)

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
See username...

LVRR is in my blood.

  by CN9634
Maine Central :-D I like visiting the tracks that have been abandoned but still exist. Many are starting to be relooked and put back into service.

  by B&MYoshi
I'm B&M. I don't paticularly care for 1800's steam. However, come the 1900's, i'm set. I really enjoy walking and researching old abandoned lines. (The one railroad thing abundant in MA)

  by justinking
I really like modern roads, i guess its just becuase thats what I've had around me my whole life. I do find alot of romance in fallen flags. I adore the Western Maryland and B&O. (I currently am in the process of building an H&O WM/B&O coal operastions layout). I live/grew up in an area deeply conected to Western Maryland. Many former WM service depos and yards are scatterd around my area.

  by LBWaveDude
I'm into not so much one railroad but the ones that were in my area (Monmouth/Ocean Counties, NJ). Mostly this is the CNJ and the Pennsylvannia. I like exploring the old routes and what has become of them especially. I suppose the CNJ is a bit more appealing because of the name haha.