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Mode Of Transportation


  by LBWaveDude
I haven't had much luck with cars this past fall...two accidents (neither my fault). I would prefer to use the train more often due to the large amount of people that can't drive. Walking is always good too. Living in the suburbs however makes a car almost a necessity.

  by The RailMan
I got a 1987 Saab 900 to get me around :P

I actually drove around scouting out photo locations, I found a nice one on the Hudson River in Yonkers at the John F. Kennedy Marina off of Warburton Avenue.
I put over 11,000 miles on my car in six months, most of the mileage from railfanning. I even went all around Westchester County to check out the defunct Putnam Line, and brought a few of my friends out there to see, as they didnt believe there was a fourth rail line in Westchester.
I haven't been out much in the past few months. I was in a bad car wreck involving an SUV and a rental car I was driving, long story short, the truck was on top of the car, I was hurt (back injuries), my insurance was pulled so my cars off the road. However, I do take the Bee-Line down to the Yonkers station to see whats up on the Hudson Line. Hopefully I'll be able to have my car back in the spring. I hear the NY areas getting 3-5" of snow, maybe I can get some winter pictures (if the buses are running :-) )

  by njtmnrrbuff
I am not one for a car. It is just too much hassle. Almost all the time, I take public transit to wherever I go. However, in my hometown Upper Montclair Jersey, I am like only 9/10ths of a mile from the Upper Montclair Station. I could also walk to watchung plaza but that is quite a bit longer. Mercy College, where I attend, Ardsley on Hudson is down the hill and I could get to Dobbs Ferry station in 15 minutes using the shortcut which I do not recommened at night unless if you are really in a rush. The Rail Man, I'm sorry about your accident. I hope you are okay. Yes, there are some places where you need the car, even where Mercy is at times as well as in a lot of NY state. Depending on where I get a job will indicate whether if I will get behind the wheel again or not. In the township of Montclair, you really don't need a car. In fact the farthest you could go on a transit bus near where I live, is Parsippany but that service is limited. You could also take a bus to Linden but I prefer the train if I went there. Anyway, Linden is not the most attractive neighborhood. The area where the turnpike goes through is smelly because of all the oil refineries but at least you have Conrail's Shared Assets Chemical Coast line running along the turnpike.

  by njtmnrrbuff
Oh, I have a bike which really helps. Maybe someday I will get a moped but that is not in my budget yet.

  by hioo1
Walking across the street, it is the best way to have it :)

  by texman
I have a mix of car and train. I drive down to the DART Rail station in Plano, then take the red line all the way down to Dallas Union Station. From there I just stand on the platform and watch. It can get pretty busy sometimes.

  by stevo
i like the train, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the ride...or you could videotape the ride! :wink:

  by The RailMan
I found this picture on my computer, shameless plug for the railroad on my car :-)

  by Bucyrus6150
I use the good ol' Giant for the local stuff, but I'll be getting my liscence soon for the stuff farther away...


  by AmtrakFan
I have been using my Bike more.

  by MetraRy
train all the way

  by Njt4300
Train for me!
  by Darien Red Sox
Take the train in most cases when going to whare I can take the train. My Idea of fun is not sitting in trafic on I95