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Mode Of Transportation

  by brunswickrailfan
What is your mode of transportation to get to where you fan?

I drive (I'm 17) an '04 Corolla S (not exactly the best vehicle for the job but was the best I could afford).

  by Railpac
For now its just my deathtrap peice bike (I've wrecked 3 times in the past year :D ). But, soon I will be getting my own car once I get my license.

  by RR_Fan
For now I am riding around the good ole Trek! :P

Take Care.

  by queenlnr8
Since I live in an urban area and the stations are pretty close to my dorm, I ride the old Mongoose around.

... or I take the train with the bike!

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
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  by trainfreak
Well since by car i live an hour away from a busy rail line. My father and i take his Chevy S10 to the tracks. When i can drive to the tracks i might be inheriting my sisters old '91 chevy lumina and that'll be my "railfanmobile" But i got to wait another year before i can get my license so i just have to wait till my dad gets free time before we go.

  by Justin B
I got a 4x4 Tacoma I use somtimes but since the tracks are only a few miles from my school I usually ride my bike.

  by byte
Walk. A decently busy main line is about 80 feet from my house. In fact if I didn't live here I probably would have never gotten into trains in the first place.

  by Joe
I've got a pretty nice bike and I ride it all over the place. The tracks are just a block from my house. Just strap the camera bag on and go!

  by MikeF
I've put 15,000 railfanning miles on my '03 Ford Ranger since September. :wink:

  by Christian S.
I ride in the car with my parents now, but I'll be a drivin' myself in 2 years! :D I'm 45 min from Strasburg, WK&S + M&H.

  by emd_SD_60
1993 Ford Ranger. 4 cylinder, 5 speed. Drives good between Carbondale and Gorham (although that hill on 149 East coming home is a killer!) :wink:

  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
i bike or walk to my location, but soon i will have a car hopefully :-D

  by johnnynick
Drivin a 96 Pontiac Sunfire now, but the problems have been starting to build up lately, so I may be lookin for a new ride soon.

  by AmtrakFan
My Mom drives me and I call her to come and pick me up. A car in a few more yrs.