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  by atsf sp
I ride the MBTA all the time. I even rode it two days ago out to Framingham for CSX railfanning. I also ride Metro North once a year. Sadly I have had only one ride on Amtrak. NEC 3 months before all electrification. At least I rode behind a F40 from New Haven. :-D
  by CSXTfan
The only Trains iv been on are
Washington DC METRO
REALLY WANT to go on Amtrak
  by BostonUrbEx
MBTA regularly and then some

MBTA commuter rail rarely, been years

LIRR when I would visit my grandmother with my father and we'd go into the city

I think I've taken the NYC subway a couple times, but strangely don't remember much if anything. I remember my dad and I, as well as two guys we weren't with, were practically at the end of a train when it stopped at a station. Not sure which one. But the train was longer than the platform and we were rushing up the cars and passing through. Didn't make it and missed the stop. I'm not even sure if it was the subway or LIRR or what it was...

And a wine train/dinner train out in Nappa Valley, California once

That's all I can think of. Would love to one day take an Acela for my trips to NY.
  by Tony Clifton
R44 5212 A Train wrote:There are a lot of teen railfans here, but do you guys actually ride trains...I take the NJT Bergen Line sometimes when I go to NYC, and the NYC Subway wgen I'm in there...but what about you guys, please discuss it here, :-)
Why are you a railfan if you don't ride trains, that is only something dumb people would do and who is dumb. I nominate this for the most stupid topic of the year award.