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  by stevo
ok yeah that makes sense.

  by 35dtmrs92
whenever we go into New York and my dad is at work or otherwise can't drive us in.

  by alex45
I have like 5,550 miles on Amtrak now.

  by stevo
last year my brother (jogden) achieved the equivilant of more than around the world (25,000) miles...just on amtrak and just last year! he also figured out that that was more miles by amtrak than by anything else (MBTA, car, plane, etc...) he had traveled that year COMBINED

just on amtrak!

  by alex45
I rode 3 trains in less then a week during my vacation! (Acela, Regional, MBTA)

  by alex45
Rode trains yesterday! Had a good time!

  by scotty269
I take the BSL subway to Fern Rock, and then the R3 to Bethayres. Its a nice ride. Usually get home in half an hour, provided I get to Olney Station on the BSL by 3:30.

  by PhillyBoy890
I ride the SEPTA subways,trolley's every day. For school and watever else. I have so much fun just riding it. If i could total up how many times i've ridden the (Subway-Trolleys,MFL,BSL) since the year 2000, i bet it would be over 5,000x S...lol. I'm one of those ppl who just have fun during my commute..lol

  by stevo
my dad started keeping track of our train rides as a joke, but it stuck. i think my number is 978 or something now...

  by fordhamkid7721
I ride the NYC subways all the time and Metro North sometimes but i like MN and want to pursue a career either in MN or NYC subway

  by Raritan Express
Trains I've ridden:

NYC Subway
Amtrak Silver Meteor
China "Z" and "D" trains
Shanghai Metro
Paris Metro
London Underground
Rome Metro
Boston "T"

  by Somebody
I ride trains regularly when railfanning (and sometimes even going somewhere for a reason!) in New South Wales, Australia, and also in Victoria, Australia when I am down there.

I have also riden trains in South Australia, and on the branchline into the Australian Capital Territory :).

  by yaohua2000
I've spent 43 days and travelled 93,868 km (~58,000 miles) on 370 train rides in the past 366 days (rapid transit not count in). btw, I'm not train staff. :-)
  by Darien Red Sox
Metro North every day between Noroton Heights and Stamford. Sometimes I transfer in Stamford and go up to New Cannan if I need to head up that way.
  by mrconductor55
I usually bike,
But the el is good for getting around the city, and metra is good for going to the southern suburbs, lots of action. I just rode Marc for the first time. I also rode the DC subway, metro. I have scored a few cabrides from local switching railroads. I have ridden Amtrak a few times. I have ridden the south shore line. Plus lots of museums.