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  by R44 5212 A Train
There are a lot of teen railfans here, but do you guys actually ride trains...I take the NJT Bergen Line sometimes when I go to NYC, and the NYC Subway wgen I'm in there...but what about you guys, please discuss it here, :-)

  by CoastStarlight99
Got off the Coast Starlight two nights ago. Spent over 30 hours on it.
  by R44 5212 A Train
I've never been on Amtrak! :-D

  by AmtrakFan
I have 8,086 Miles on Amtrak and VIA.

  by The RailMan
When I was in high school from 1999-2003, every day I took Metro-North and the Bee-Line bus to get home. Some other days I used to go all the way into Fordham and take the Bx34 bus home. I lived upstate for awhile after, and I used to have to travel all the way from Bronxville to the Dover Plains each day, so I had a pretty nice ride each day.

When I was going to college, the M-N miles I was traveling were substituted for the Subway into Manhattan. I'm always trying several different routes to get around. Normally, I'd take the D from 205th to 59th, but on a few rare occasions the D wouldn't run to 205th, so I'd have to take the 4 to 161st and transfer to the D, or I could take the 1/9. I could also get to GCT and take M-N home, or walk crosstown and take an express bus or catch the 4. But when I get a chance, I'll take a ride, either Metro-North or on the Subway.
I'd like to take a small trip on Amtrak one day, I've never ridden either.
  by R44 5212 A Train
I've been on the subway systems in NYC, Philly, Washington, and Chicago...as well as the Path train.

I've been on the WDW Monorail, and the Seattle Monorail.

I've been on NJT and Metro-North commuter trains.

I've been on the HBLR.

I've also been on subways and trains in Isreal.

My next transit goal is Muni/Bart in SF...it's really cool from what I hear, plus I have relatives there who are really cool!

  by hioo1
Lets see I have been on

NYC Subways
Washington Metro
Pine Creek Rail Road
Black River and Western Railroad
New Hope and Ivyland Railroad
Strasburg Railroad
The Middletown and Hummelstown Railroad
And many other tourist railroads
  by R44 5212 A Train
The only tourist railroads I've been are Steamtown and the BR&W! :-)

  by TAMR213
Pine Creek

  by AmtrakFan
I also have been on
Durango and Silverton
Columburus and Toltec
California and Western
Grand Canyon RR

  by njtmnrrbuff
All of NJT
All of MN
Almost done with Septa RRD
All of Norristown High Speed line
Metrolink from LAX to FUL
All of Path
HBLRT as far as the last stop in Bayonne
I think the Blue Line of GCRTA
Parts of the NYC subway
MBTA out to Needham Hts as well as some of the subways
Amtrak-most of the important corridors in the east as well as the entire crescent.
This summer I will be visiting my brother in LA. I plan to ride the Surfliner out to San Diego. Also I hope to ride Metrolink out to San Bernardino via a circuit; the OCL to Orange, another line north to San Bernardino, and then the San Bernardino proper line.
  by gitrplaya5u
i rode amtrak a couple of times
twice to richmond form newport enws
once to alexandria from newport enws
once from rochester to niagra falls
rode the subway in DC a few times
  by R44 5212 A Train
I rode it once from Capital South to Twinbrook RT.

BTW, for the NYC Subway trains I've been on, read the NYC Subway forum.

BTW, I've covered the entire Main/Bergen Lines from Hoboken through to Port Jerivs, and the NEC from New York to New Brunswick. I may go through to Philly sometime in the net couple of weeks.

  by Joe
AmtrakFan wrote:Columburus and Toltec
I believe you are refering to the Cumbres and Toltec?

I've been on Amtrak (Empire Builder)
Chicago EL/Subway
South Shore Line Interurban
Illinois Ry Museum trains and trolleys
Fort Worth and Western Tourist line
Mt Washington Cog Railway
Six Flags: Great America "steam" trains
and of course, the Disney steam trains and Monorail.

Does Thunder Mountain count? :-D
  by R44 5212 A Train
I just remembered, I've been on the Cog Railway too!

And Thunder Mountain doesn't count. though I've been on it too...beleive me, if I included park trains, I'd include the one that does around Van Saun Park!