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A forum for teen railroad enthusiasts

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  by The RailMan
Hey everyone,
I am new to the board. I just came across this. Wish I knew of this a few years ago. I'm 19 (not for very long, hope thats not a problem) but have been a railfan since like 13 or 14. I mainly railfan Metro-North. In addition to the railfanning I'm also into cars, but before I had my license or car, I was taking the trains and buses everywhere, so I learned through that, and I still take the trains and buses today.
Anyways thats all about me.

  by njtmnrrbuff
I hope you have fun on this board. My my forum nickname, you know which railroads I like in particular. In fact, I am more of a passenger buff than a freight one. I attend Mercy college as a sophmore so MN is right there. On Friday, I am planning a trip to Old Saybrook via MN and SLE. I will proball have to take two buses to Pt. Chester. That trip should be nice. Welcome to this board.

  by The RailMan
Thanks NJT/MNRRbuff, I know what you mean. I'm more of a passenger than freight railfan. My main reason why is I dont have much exposure to freight. The closest I've ever gotten is with the MNRR GP-35Rs and their MOW equipment, plus I have two relatives on the railroad, one on Metro-North and the other on the LIRR.
I never railfanned out in Jersey, I've read around and heard stories from other railfans that they werent taking too kindly to railfans.
I found a nice photo spot on the Hudson line in Yonkers in the JFK Marina, you can get a nice shot that makes it look like you had actually taken the picture from the water, but you are standling next to a boat launch. It looks actually like you are up the line more, because it is all trees behind the track. I was never bothered taking pictures there (I talked to a relative and they said that the MTA police cannot do anything if you are taking pictures from someplace other than MNRR photography) and being this park is belonging to the City of Yonkers, even if they would, they can't. Honestly, I'd have to say I have never been hassled by the police for photography.

  by AmtrakFan
Welcome to the forum. No 19 isn't too old I was into trains scince I was a 18 Months.

  by hioo1
Welcome to the forum, (yay! I'm not the newest here anymore!).

Oh and AmtrakFan, i've got you beet at one month (or even a couple days since I was born in longbranch over looking the trains)

I havn't road on metro north, how is it in comparison to NJT?

  by njtmnrrbuff
NJT has been very hostile toward railfans, both on company property and public. MN seems to not give a hard time so much.