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I am 19, and I am currently taking certification courses in General Railway Operations at San Bernardino Valley College. After I graduate in May, I hope to hire out with Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Union Pacific, or Pacific Harbor Line. If I don't get hired immediately I will work for Eagle Intermodal Services, which is a contractor that works the BNSF's San Bernardino Intermodal Facility, until I do get hired.


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hey there.

its my dream ever since i can remember to work as a conductor/engineer for eaither CSX or NS. mainly because i love trains so much and i know so much about em. *sigh* i long for the day.



Post by ianw632 »

For me well lets just say life seems to be long... or maybe its just i want to work for the railroad so bad. I plan on attending the NARS (National Academy of Railroad Science) in overland park, KS to get an assosiates degree in railroad operations. Is that maybe the way to go or is a different type of degree better. I have over a couple of years to decide so if someone could shed some light thanks. NS sounds like a great Railroad but I wouldn't mind the DM&E or some other regional like the WC.

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I plan on getting a Civil Engineering degree from eaither Rutgers or Purdue (most brass in Operations at NJT have CE degrees), and possibly also attending the NTI (National Transportation Institute) while at RU. Now that I hear about the NARS, maybe I'll attened that after college. Can't hurt to be over qualified to be an engineer. :wink:
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Post by nate »

I'm 21 and I will graduate with degrees in plant pathology and agronomy in May. Not exactly train related, but I'm hoping to get hired by UP. I have a hiring session and if I pass the tests, an interview this wednesday. Hopefully I get hired. I think doing anything with trains would be exciting.


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Well, I went to the hiring session today, but withdrew before I was committed to anything. They needed us to start may 2, and I have finals that week. I'll try again in half a month or so. There were about 30 of us there, and I'd say 10 withdrew, and I saw at least one or two who I'm pretty sure weren't going to pass the agility test. They made it sound like they were going to hire about 4 or 5.

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Post by ANDY117 »

ROTC-USAF-USAF Reserves, then maybe become a railroader out of the Bingo area.


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i was just wondering, how do you get a job as a train operator on the NJ Transit or any of the MTA's agencies?


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When I was younger I wanted to work for the railroad, but not anymore. I'm going to be going into the Delayed Entry Program in the marines then 2 weeks after I graduate next year I get shipped out (gonna be a heavy equipment operator). Then when I'm out maybe go to work as an operator for Reading Anthracite or something...

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WOW, I never knew that there were this many oof us teens who wanted to go in the rail businesses. I am planning to go into a summer job on the CSX Toledo Sub, and then help pay the $4550 to go to AMDG Inc. in Plymouth Michigan. I have always wanted to do this since my grandfather retired from the B&O/NYC/Penn Central/Conrail in 1984. Soo as I get enough money I will open up my own short line, US Rail. :-D


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I am planning on Hireing on Nj Transit as a TC (ticket collector) then work up to a conductor and finally, go to engineer classes and become a NJT Locomotive Engineer

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Well, I am going to go to a Canadian university, and hope to become a corporate lwayer at CN, CP, or VIA. That way I could sneak my way up the corporate ladder and sit in that leather seat looking down on my new operation.

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Future Job?

Post by AznSumtinSumtin »

What do you want to be when you finish high school/college?

I want a high ranking job in the MBTA when I finish high school and college. My fallback job incase I don't get a high ranking job is to be a person that operates subway trains(I honestly don't what you call it when you "drive" a subway train).
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I'm gonna be a heavy equipment operator in the Marine Corps, I dunno if I wanna make a career out of it or not. If I choose to leave I'll probably keep doing that for a mining co. or something or maybe try to get into MOW work with the RR, we'll see when the time comes...

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Re: Future Job?

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[quote="AznSumtinSumtin"](I honestly don't what you call it when you "drive" a subway train).[/quote]


anyways...i want to operate trains as well, but probably something bigger than the subway. :-D

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