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  by trainfreak
Hey everyone. I was wondering how many of us in the forum plan on becoming an employee for a railroad once we become of age to work for the railroad. I am planning on trying to hire out on CSX. If that doesnt work ill try and go with NJT and if that doesnt work the NYSW. Im planning on trying to hire out after going to college for four years. Feel free to post on what you plan on doing.

  by Railpac
After college I plan to hire out on the Manufacturers Railway Co. here in St. Louis. Though it is hard to get in because employee treatment, pay, etc. is so good that no one wants to retire, some even have to forced to retire! :D If I can't get in there, I will try the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (T.R.R.A.), if not that, its over to the Alton & Southern, if not that, there several other short lines/regionals in the St. Louis to hire out on (such as the Gateway Western). My last resort would be to hire out on a Class 1. :(

  by zwsplac
After I graduate from college, I hope to become a CIVIL engineer for the BNSF. I have a friend who hired out for KCS rather than going to college, and he says that going to college is the way to go before working for the railroad. They'll pay you more and treat you better.

  by TAMR213
I plan on going to either Rutgers or Purdue (go scarlet knights, and go boilermakers) to get a degree in Civil Engineering. Then, I plan to hire out on NJT as an engineer. That degree would really help with NJT, since I heard from a friend who has worked for NJT for awhile that most of the top brass in operations, have degree's in civil engineering. So I don't wanna be brass (nobody like them, as usual), I just wanna run some trains.

  by HighlandRail/DEY-7 652
I work for and plan on operating my families track construction/RR Equipment brokering business Highland Rail Services LLC and hopefully start a shortline in a few years. I don't know if that counts as hiring on with a railroad. :D

  by pm1223
I'll be heading to the University of Tennesee this fall to get a degree in Logistics & Transportaion Marketing. I'd like to put in a few years of train service and then move over to the business side of things. If you become top brass you could start a steam program!

  by WWRRDave
Well, I'm most likely going to the University of Delaware (Fall of '05) to get my degree in Engineering Technology, and then hopefully get a summer job working for the Strasburg Railroad in some way during college (once I'm 18). Depending on how things go, and what is availible in the way of a job there, I may continue to work for the Strasburg in the restoration shops, and on the locomotive or train.--Of course things are always subject to change, so who knows wether I'll be hired there or not. I definately have an extreme passion for the 'Iron Horse', and will be working with steam locomotives in some way or another.

  by SeldenJrFireman
I hope to be hired out as a Diesel Mechanic on the LIRR or NYAR, after graduating NY ADI.

  by mc367
I would really like to work and run Main Line steam. I try to do some work at a local RR museam, hopfully i'll get the chance to work on there steam locomotive.

  by Christian S.
Although I'm interested in television journalism, I'm keeping NS and CSX on the backburner. :wink:

  by sandpvrr
Hello All,
Although I'm still just outside the Teen part of this forum - I'm still trying to get a job with a railroad in Maine. I'm a computer network administrator and technician by trade, and I think I can work well in the communications side of the business.
Anybody know anyone highering up here?
cya, Joey

  by prt1607j
or yalls could be like me and decide to go for a degree in mechanical engineering and then just simplybuild something in the industry aint thought about yet..

  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
i want to get a degree in civil engineering and then after that hire out with the MBTA or Amtrak

  by CRail
Im not sure whether i want to end up with pass, or frieght. Either way ill be engineer and starting as conductor with MBCR (Bostons's Commuter Rail). After I have experience, i might move to CSX. But we'll have to see how i feel at that point.
  by Lehighrrgreg
Good to hear I am not the only one with dreams like that. I am a senior in college with a business degree and have worked for a class 1 since I was 18. People always tell you that it will ruin the enthusiasm to work for a railroad and believe me, when its 3 am and the wind chill factor is -13 and you have to get out into the middle of nowhere and stand on ROW for an hour to see whats wrong with the F.R.E.D...or to check a hotbox you will have some serious second thoughts. But dont let it get the better of you. Once you are assinged to engine duty and its your responsibility to throttle up a string of brand new AC 4400 CW's on a sunny day with 6 or 7 railfans with cameras next to you...it will all be worth it.
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