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  by emd_SD_60
What is the most interesting catch you have ever caught on video/film? I have a couple.

When I was in Gorham a couple months back, I caught Illinois Central SD40X 6071 (an ex-EMDX SD40 demonstrator of 1964) leading two NEWER locomotives, UP SD70M 5090 (only two years old) and B40-8 1852. Basically the older 6071 was showing the two "newbies' who's boss! :-D

And I caught a CN SD75I sandwiched between an GCFX SD40 and a GTW GP9 rebuild!

Please share any these rather "funny" moments you encountered while railfanning.

  by AmtrakFan
My pick would have to be a TFM SD40-2 in the Blue Paint in the US on the BNSF.


  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
UP Desert Vic

  by ANDY117
This just happened Thursday. On my way home from CAP, a CP was entering conklin yard with none other than a NJT Track Geometry Inspection VEhicle being towed along on a flatcar behind the power. I also caught a LIRR DE30AC on a CP train in Conklin Yard heading back to long island.

  by njtmnrrbuff
A flaw of every type of NJT's being compatable.
An "everything"consist especially a pattern of Vs

  by bar358
How about 5 Amt F-40's switching Brownville Jct. on the old CP or a B&A GP-7u leading MMA C-30-7 (ex. BN) on a 3700 ton train generally restricted to 4 axle units. The FL-9's and GO Transite cars running around in Northern Maine a while back was odd too.


  by AmtrakFan
Well I got another 5 GP's on a BNSF Road Train FIVE.


  by trainfreak
My best catch was probaly a special passenger equipment move with the following power in this order NYSW B40-8 4006, NYSW 2-8-2 142, M&E FL9, M&E FL9. We watched the train stopped on a bridge waiting for water that never came. It was one of the greatest catches of my life. Listening to diesel and steam together for 15 minutes then both getting the train moving. The 142 slipped making it even better. I saw this at 12 at night on a school night but it was all worth it.

  by emd_SD_60
This is more odd than interesting, but here goes. About 5 minutes ago, I just saw a train heading northbound on the main line with a CN "barn" leading a B&LE SD40T-2. :-D

I sure hope to see more "real" foreign power on the mainline (at least south of Du Quoin) in the near future rather than all that CN, GCFX and WC crap. Sure I liked it at first, but now I see it on a daily basis and it gets really old. :( Gimme NS, UP, CSX or BNSF anyday! No more WC! :wink:

(now getting off my soapbox)

  by emd_SD_60
Also yesterday I saw a NS SD60 (I assume it was) still in Conrail paint (all I could see is it was blue and had "Conrail Quality") as the third locomotive in a northbound, being led by a CN/IC SD40-2 and CN/WC (ex GCFX) SD40-3. Too bad my camera was still broken, I could have gotten some good footage! :( I wonder where this one and that B&LE tunnel motor were heading to?

  by ANDY117
We really miss our GE's back here :( . ALCO's get really boring really fast. Especially after you've seen them a dozen times in a month.

  by emd_SD_60
Today I caught a MRL (ex Clinchfield) SD45-2 on a northbound through DeSoto. Luckily my camera came back from being fixed and I managed to videotape it! :-D

I forgot to mention it was the 307.

  by emd_SD_60
This evening I got quite a lashup:

CN 2716 (new Dash 9)
CN 2697 (new Dash 9 also)
WC 7637
IC 6070
IC 9639
and IC SW14 1496!

Obviously 9639 and 1496 were dead in tow, as their "catwalk lights" seemed to not be on...(I really couldn't tell, but that's how I can tell a locomotive is idling) but still, quite a sight seeing the two GE's leading a hodge-podge of older EMD's...don't you think? :wink:

Also yesterday I caught one of the "rare" UP SD70M's with a K5LA, lol.

  by AmtrakFan
I have seen a NAFTA Lash-up
1 BNSF SD40-2
1 TFM SD40-2 in Blue


  by gitrplaya5u
dunno if this is THAT weird..but its the best ive had
once i saw a single ac4400 pulling a snow plow at about 15 mph on mainline track.. all the wasted power...