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I just saw a FerroMex unit going north about 2 weeks ago when I was working at the nursery. The nursery that I work for is in Kelso, Wa and BN's main set of tracks are right on the edge of the nursery's property, this strip is between Kelso and Castle Rock, Washington, between Interstate-5 and highway 411 (googlemap link http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source= ... 17&iwloc=A You can see the nursery with the 4 green-house, now only have 1 (thanks to the christmas snow), and that line on the left is Burlington Northern's tracks that runs north and south, and I'm pretty sure that most of you guys know how to nagivate with googlemaps. anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyys...... I was working out at the nursery last week, and I looked up when I heard some train crossing by, and it was a FerroMex unit. I sure did think that was interesting, because I googled it. Funnier yet, my step-dad was in Vancouver fishing in the Columbia River, and he looked up and saw that same train before I did (Vancouver is 60 miles south of Kelso, Wa), and he asked me about that train as he has never seen it before. I told him that I googled it and what it was, and he asked me what the hell is that thing doing up in this area? So it must be heading up to Seattle. I dunno... any other Northwestern'ers seen in here seen it?

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Vancouver is a great place to see foreign power of all sorts. Ferromex is part owned by UP so it's not unheard of to see Ferromex locomotives, but they are certainly uncommon up north.

It's quite common to see NS and CSX power on a regular basis, as well as CP and CN power, KCS power...about the only thing I haven't seen in a long time is Montana Rail Link (not counting fallen flags like C&NW, WC, SP, IC, SOO...)
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