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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by diceman_59531
I have a choice to make. I all ready have a job offer from Wyoming in Gillette for 23.07 an hr doing 14 hr days 5 days on 4 off then 4 on 5 off. Now i have just rec ivied an email from BNSF for a Locomotive Diesel mechanic job. In Havre MT. I was wondering how much a mechanic would make there and if it is worth turning down the other job. Also i have ?s on what the schedules are like and if you get over time and what they take out for benefits. if you have any info please respond.

  by diceman_59531
And i would like to also know if they layoff mechanics alot

  by GN 599
They dont lay mechanics off as far as I know. I would work for the railroad ( I do). One advantage is you would work 5 days a week with 2 off. And railroaders pay into railroad retirement not this countrys faltering social security system. If you want to be certain about your life after retirement I would go with the railroad. Not to mention we have good healthcare coverage.

  by diceman_59531
At Wyoming they have a health plan that is 55 dollars a month for me and my wife with 250 dollar deductibles. Another ? is since it is union there is no play increases right?

  by freshmeat
I can't speak to Havre, but I can tell you about Gillette. I worked there in 2006 for BNSF as a conductor.

In Gillette, the real estate market is hot since unemployment hovers about 2%. Don't get sticker shock. People are also a hot commodity there. Wages are good for everyone and there are a lot of opportuinites outside the railroad if your wife wanted to work. I've read stories about hundreds moving there from Michigan to work in the mines.

The Gillette newspaper is


Gillette is a nice town, about 35,000 today with projections of 50,000 by 2010 due to the exapnded coal business. It has everything a city can offer and even a little more. With all the tax revenue off the mines, the schools are fairly good and the library in Gillette is great!

Crime is not too bad with meth being the biggest problem. (Welcome to the midwest.) Gillette's biggest drawback is that it is it for about 150 - 250 miles. Cheyenne is 4 hours south, Deadwood is 100 miles or so east if you care to gamble. Gillette is going to be around for a long time and the railroad is very very busy there.

Like I said, I can't speak to Havre but it looks like it is a long way from anything as well. I don't know about the level of business BNSF has there except for it is on the Northern Transcon. You might take a look at what Havre has to offer and check out the housing opportunities.

Don't know if that helps.

Good luck.

  by Peace_Maker
That $23 per hour in Gillette is about equal to $14 per hour anywhere else. Fast food starts at $9-$12 per hour. The cheapest rent I could find was $800 for a two bedroom run down trailer in Morecroft. I'd take the RR job in Montana over a job in Gillette in a heartbeat. I bet Wyoming machinery is just lowballing you, call and see if they will pay more. I bet they could easily pay you $30-35 per hour, probably more if they really need help. If they are paying diesel mechanics $23 per hour they definitely need help.

I'm pretty sure the RR mechanic job will pay more and hopefully the cost of living is cheaper in Montana.

Freshmeat is right, surprisingly the crime is low considering how much meth is around. There are also tons of bars in Gillette and the other towns. Rosette has less than 100 people but two bars, Morecroft has 800 people and three bars plus the VFW. People in Wyoming love the booze and the meth.

Don't let me talk you out of Gillette if you want to go but $23 is very low for there, especially for a mechanic.

  by diceman_59531
Well it is 23 an hr with 4 hrs over time every day i work which is 34.60 it comes out to be around 4000 dollars after taxes clear i just don't know if i would be better off there or here i know they will be increases every year at wy a dollar or more they said every year