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General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by cdy320
I just got on with BNSF in Madill, OK- Conductor Trainee. I cant hold a job here,where can I hold a job or on the extraboard at???

  by freshmeat
Are you done with class?

  by cdy320
no.. class is mon.. the 16th
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  by freshmeat
Well, you've got 13 or 15 weeks to find out. Wait to worry about it until them. Trust me, a lot can change between now and then. Working out of Madill, you'll find out you've got a lot of options.

Just worry about class for now.

  by cdy320
my class starts the 16th, and i havent got anything telling me when or where to go .. the only thing i have got is the E mail telling me i passed my medical part .. i only know the class is the 16th because i know alot of poeple that work out of madill and they told me . it was also on my medical forms. i have put in my 2 weeks notice at my current job and fri is my last day. i wish they would tell me something... :( everything is hurry up and wait ..but are they going to wait till the last min..

  by freshmeat
If you live in Madill or close by, you should be able to get ahold of an official such as a trainmaster and he should have that information for you. There will also be a training coordinator that should have some information. Unfortunately, busting your ass, only to sit on it is not all that uncommon.

Good luck.

  by dirtbrother
This isn't uncommon. My class started 1/15 and I wasn't told when or where to go until 1/12.


  by cdy320
my freind is in the same class as me and he got his E-mail today telling him when and where to go .. will they send you an E-mail telling me if i dont get the job ? ? :( ???

  by williamsattler
I was supposed to get started on the 2nd and it hasn't worked out that way.
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  by cdy320
yeah i got a letter the 12th telling me i didnt get the job .. i was 2 months off of my start date on one of my jobs in my employment history .. i was not aware that they was that picky about that .. do i have to wait 6 months to re-apply for a job ? what all will i have to retake or do ?????

  by bulldog
well at least they told you why they were not going to hire you. most of the time its thanks but no thanks

  by bubbaXjoe
I started class on 16apr (Mon.) and was notified Thursday 12apr. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I wouldn’t of had to drive from Washington to South Dakota. No worries though, I am just happy to be in class.

  by route_rock
cdy you might be screwed on the BNSF. Thats the way they are they tossed a guy in my class cause his father in law was his last employer adn he said to the HR guy " He never worked here" ( long story as to why he did it but it was because they were going to move if he got the job. He got back in to the class behind ours.We felt that was a raw deal and he should have been put back inours. But at least he got back in.
Try a shortline or UP maybe. or try re applying. To keep from wasting your time contact HR and ask them for the truth. Can you reapply?If not go elsewhere. Good luck!