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  • Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail
Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail

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  by Marty Feldner
A Michael Eby drawing- paint scheme by me. Would have been nice.


  by David
Nice picture--- :P Like to see a real one!
  by wes
Anyone modeling this? This is too beatiful to leave on paper

  by Marty Feldner

Actually, a model predates this drawing, by a couple of decades. I started playing with this on an HO Athearn PA in the 80's; started changing some details, and got a start on the paint. Screwed up the masking for the blue, and put it on the shelf- where it sat. Other things came up (real world stuff), and I never got back to it.

The scheme is based on the L&HR's C-420's; gold stripes from the RS-3's, and steam-era lettering.

  by wess
that is still an outstanding model.
  by jmp883
Nice looking engine. Too bad there wasn't enough population along the L&HR's mainline to warrant them actually running passenger service. An Alco PA and a color-matched set of streamliners rolling through some of the most scenic sections of northern NJ and southern NY. Oh well, at least we can model it and dream of it.

  by rfalcone
Good looking locomotive Marty.

I have always thought that a C-628 would look good in L&H colors, similar to the scheme of the C-420s.

  by Xplorer2000
Sweet!!! People are bemoaning the fact that there weren't enough people for L & HR to have PA's, but that scheme would look just as fine on an FA too!!! Nice job on that.

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
Wow-- Great Scheme!

  by wess
I,d like to see how that paint would cover an M-420. This post might be breaking the rules, but while were on the subject of what if, who says you cant have fun

  by jmchitvt
Marty - Just got back on this forum. A few comments on your PA:

looks great!! - can only dream of its chime whistle down through the Pequest valley (I lived betweeen Pequest and Oxford sidings until 1966)

wonder why you chose #42 - you and I discussed the 10-11-12 renumbering to the 40 series a while back...

how about an L&H herald to the right of the middle door - ATSF or D&H style?

Kind regards from Vermont


  by Marty Feldner
Why 42? A couple of reasons, somewhat inter-related...

In doing these paint schemes on the computer, the letters and numbers are done pixel-by-pixel; very painstaking. It had to be in the low 40 series, and 42 just looked good.

Also, more information had come to light. I knew the 10 class 4-8-2's had been renumbered (on paper) to the 40 class when the RS-3's came; I assumed the numbers started at 40 (40, 41, 42), leaving 43 as the next available number.

Jim Boyd, in researching his L&HR book, found that the 4-8-2's were actually renumbered as 43, 44, and 45- this from the records (never did ask him if he found out why those numbers).

It's a 'work in progress'. Haven't finished playing with a herald (yes? no? version? placement?). Large painted number at the rear somewhere? Four stripes? wider stripes?

For now, it stays the way it is. And, thanks all for the kind comments.

  by wess
anyone think of dolling up an M-420 in this scheme? Just another what-if here.

  by SooLineRob
Dusting off this old post...

I enjoy the many "what if / fantasy road" schemes out there. I've got a few Non-Dynamic GP38's that I've been seriously considering painting up in a cross between the RS3's and C420's...

RS3 colors...
Body and handrails Pullman Green, or a shade darker than CNJ's green; except for the handrails around the steps, which would be gold
Roof, top of short hood, and fuel tank Engine Black

C420 lettering...
LEHIGH AND HUDSON RIVER RAILWAY spelled out in Gold letters along side of body
Gold numbers under cab windows, starting with road #14
The gold & red L&HR lightning bolt emblem on both short and long hoods
Gold safety V-stripes on the front snowplow

Can't decide whether or not to have the side lettering and cab numbers outlined in two gold pinstripes, trailing downward over both hoods. I don't want to clutter/crowd the lettering by adding "too much" to look at on the GP38's plain-jane looks, trying to steer clear of making them too "Pennsy" or "Jersey Central" like, since I've got PRR and CNJ locos also.

I know it's just another "fantasy" scheme, and since they never owned any EMD's, I wouldn't be doing any "harm" to the C420 color scheme by putting it on a GP38! LOL!!! So what would ya'll L&H fans think of this paint scheme?

  by David
Go for it and PLEASE send us some pictures!----lol---