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  • Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail
Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail

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  by Railjourner
Anyone know where to find a descent side view pic of a L&HR boxcar? One of the latter ones used into the 1940's. I have a few L&HR books but can't find a complete side view. Did the upper right side of box have a herald or slogan of some type? I'm not that knowledgeable of RR freight equiptment but I'm trying to help out some gentlemen who want to paint/skin some L&HR rolling stock for Microsoft's Train Sim.

  by Paul Miller
Ed Crist's Volume II:The East End has a nice side shot of a boxcar on page 18. The few pics I've seen have "L.H.R." letters written in what appears to be white paint on the left side of the car, approximately centered from top to bottom with the car # written below the L.H.R. letters. Some other stats are usually listed below the car # such as "Capacity" "load limit" "Lt Wt" etc. On the right side of the car are written the physical measurements of the car.Hope this helps.
  by Railjourner
Thanks for the info I must have overlooked the pic on page 18. Unfortunately it doesn't show any markings having been converted to a tool car. So far the best pic I have is only half a box, the one on page 85 of the Morning Sun book. Nice color shot from 1949 showing only half of one side. Interestingly enough the only other box shot in the book is the left half of the same box shown on page 34 from 1958. Ok, so the 2100 series didn't have anything but the standard rows of measurements on the right side. Thanks, that should make it a little easier to paint/skin for the train sim anyway.
Considering how long these boxes were in service I'm kinda suprised there aren't more photos.

  by Marty Feldner
Here's a shot of a couple of old Roundhouse cars I did several years back using some very old (70's) Walthers's decals. The cars aren't a match for the 2000 and 2100 series, and the decals wouldn't pass muster for rivet counters in this day and age, but this is generally what they looked like in their later years. Take a look at the top photo on page 26 of the Crist/Krause, Volume II; I'm fairly certain that the first car behind the camelback is one of the 2100's.

(All indications are that the L&HR herald didn't come into existence until the RS-3's were bought, and it was probably largely designed by Alco; the only cars it appeared on were the 10 class cabooses, and at least some of the remaining 1900 series ore cars; it was also applied to the flanger a year or so before CR- at the whim of the car-knocker who painted it.)

2000 2100 a.JPG
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  by Railjourner
Excellent! Just what was needed. I'm sure the model pics will be a big help. Thanks :-)

Edit: Interesting, I went back to check out that page you mentioned in the Crist/Krause book and indeed the car behind the camelback is a L&H box, more specifically its box 2145. Notice the date? Now check out the top pic on page 85 of the Boyd/Antz book. Kinda cool :wink: .