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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by westriverrr
Well, I tried them but no cigar. Thanks for the suggestion.
  by David Benton
Are you sure it was Australia , and not New Zealand ???(australasia ) . i know they did that here , but must be at least 5 years ago .
  by westriverrr
Now I'll check out the kiwis.
  by ExCon90
Ridgefielder wrote:I'd say this is pretty common in the 4-track territory on the NEC, not to mention on the Hudson Division (and MNRR through the Bronx). I've had it happen many times coming into/out of Stamford, although I'm usually on the commuter train. I remember being on a Danbury through train in the late '90s and runnning neck and neck with a then-brand-new Acela from around Rye to somewhere past Greenwich, where our two 40+ year old FL9's-- New Haven paint and all-- pulled far into the lead.

O/T but there's an Agatha Christie mystery novel based on this-- someone witnesses a murder in a compartment on another train running on a paralell track. Can't remember the title though.
AA little late, but I just got around to this thread. It was published in Britain as "4:50 From Paddington" and in the U. S. as "What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw." It was also made into a movie (b/w) with Margaret Rutherford -- not very faithful to the original, but I think I remember some fairly authentic train shots at the beginning.