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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

Moderator: David Benton

  by percys_depot
am i the only one? blue is my second favourite

  by David Benton
i see you are from New Zealand , blue would be my favourite colour .
red trains are not very common now , you must have been around quite awhile !
  by bill haithcoat
Back in the pre-Amtrak days, the Pennsylvania Railroad, a one-time major operator of passenger trains in the U.S, used tuscan red on much of its equipment.

Also, the much smaller Norfolk & Western used a similar scheme.

There was a reddish-orangish color scheme on some Southern Pacific trains.

A few other railroads used red striping on some of their silver cars.
  by Gilbert B Norman
On Dec 31, 1933, or immediately before the advent of the "Streamliner" era, the only major exception to painting passenger cars in a "drab" green was, as noted by Mr. Haithcoat, the PRR with its Tuscan Red Maize trimmed livery.

There are of course a "gazillion" other exceptions out there; may we learn about them at this topic.
  by percys_depot
i wonder if there are any unusual, artistic paint jobs out there......im thinking floral, nature, or scenery type designs would be nice.

  by David Benton
well Ms Percy's depot , in Wellington New Zealand , some of the commuter trains have been painted with murals of scenes from the lord of the rings movies .

  by David Benton
sorry , i havent been able to find a link .
but i do have a picutre in a rails magazine , which i could scan if you really want to see it .