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  by SRS125
I have ofton wondered how many days can a Reefer Car run on a full tank of fuel. How may gallons can they hold?

  by Justin B
The UPFE cars built in the late 60's have twin 300 gal. diesel tanks. I do not know what the fuel consumption rates are, but it must be enough to run for a considerable period of time. I don’t suppose that they get filled up too often. They are currently being rebuilt with computer controlled units that are similar to those mounted on semi trailers.

  by SRS125
I know that we have a reefer trailer at the store that I work at. We have had it about 2 weeks and its been filed onse as far as I know.

  by Santa Fe Sucks
Newer reefers (specifically BNSF's satellite reefers) hold 500 gallons of fuel. Not sure how long they last, but we refuel them all the time at my terminal (one guy has this job). I'll ask him the next time I see him.

I have a feeling that it has a lot to do with outside conditions (desert, Canada in winters, etc.)
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  by AmtrakFan
How much fuel did Amtrak's Express Trak Reffers hold?