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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by LI Loco
DutchRailnut wrote:There is no paint, its film, just like they use on windows/buses with advertisements etc.
after the rental is over they pull the film off.

Don't you like how the post was moved and censorship took over ??
so here is equal time, with George's Campain train.

  by Robert Paniagua
according to the photographer, it was taken at the UP Jeff City Sub - Kirkwood Station in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Oh ok thanks a lot, that looked like your average typical commuter rail station, that's why I asked.

  by mlrr
Didn't Clinton have something similar done a while ago? I think I remember a P40 decorates similarly but not as extreme as engine 138.
  by Gilbert B Norman
During 1996, Bill Clinton rode a custom decorated train Westward to Michigan City, IN for the DNC convention in Chicago.

The Secret Service would not permit him to ride the train into Chicago account security concerns.

  by Joe
The train had more cars than was said. That's why there were three locomtives.