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  by DutchRailnut
Picture of power on Kerry/Edwards campain train. engine Amtrak 138.

were debating the train not the candidates.

  by jspsh
not bad of a train,

3 P42 engines (1 with special Kerry, Edwards paint)
1 Heritage class coach
3 Amfleet coaches
1 Observation car


all the people on the tracks look pretty dangerous to me
  by Noel Weaver
By painting an engine with Kerry's name, Amtrak did NOT endorse him,
they were paid by the DNC for that job and this is nothing new.
The New Haven Railroad painted engines in temporary scheme at various
times too.
There are a number of examples of this happening other years, too.
Do you think the airlines paint their planes as an endorsement too?
Believe me, they get well paid for this kind of stuff.
I'll bet you would not complain if the other bunch had an engine painted
for them!!!!
Noel Weaver

  by AmtrakFan
The Scheam Looks very nice also the Train had 5 to 6 PV's 3 to 4 of Rail Cuise American Cars also they had Metis and MKT 403.


  by DutchRailnut
There is no paint, its film, just like they use on windows/buses with advertisements etc.
after the rental is over they pull the film off.

Don't you like how the post was moved and censorship took over ??
so here is equal time, with George's Campain train.

  by Robert Paniagua
Now jspsh,

Which station stop was that where that photo was taken of the Kerry Train?
  by David Benton
Lets stick to the train , preferably operational and consist details .
if youd like to discuss each other's political views , i would suggest p.m or email .

  by David Benton
Somebody raised the point of people been on the track , a good one i feel .
a good educational opportunity to say how dangerous that would be under normal operating conditions .

  by jspsh
Robert Paniagua wrote:Now jspsh,

Which station stop was that where that photo was taken of the Kerry Train?
according to the photographer, it was taken at the UP Jeff City Sub - Kirkwood Station in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

  by necuser
David Telesha wrote:Noel:

Huge difference.

NHRR - Private ownership
Airlines - Private ownership

Amtrak - Government tax dollars - and there are laws about tax dollars or things bought with such being used for **political advertising** regardless of a D or R next to the persons name.
I believe Noel said that the DNC paid for the locomotive to be painted (sprayed, whatever). As such, I do not see how it would be any different than transit agencies that accept payment for advertising in their stations or on the sides of their trains.

  by DutchRailnut
As I said before its not paint but a film they wipe onto locomotive while spraying it slightly wet.
Just like window film for cars, it takes about hour to get all the stuff of the locomotive after the lease is over.

read about that stuff here:
http://www.photocommunications.com/vehi ... index.html

  by RMadisonWI
Paint vs. no paint isn't the issue, it's whether Amtrak can allow a locomotive to be decorated as such.

Why are there three engines? I'd guess for two reasons. One, the train will be traveling the SW Chief's route over Raton pass. Needs the pulling power. Second, Amtrak certainly wouldn't want one of those things breaking down and stalling the train. Gotta have backup there.

Can Amtrak carry political messages on its trains? Well, as luck would have it, I just posted this photo to my webshots page:
http://community.webshots.com/photo/109 ... 1353hjExRC
Apparently this is a leftover from President Clinton's 1996 campaign train, where a bunch of Superliners carried the message "ON THE RIGHT TRACK FOR THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY." I guess some could argue that it doesn't specifically reference any individual candidate.

However, I have seen local transit buses in Milwaukee carry ads for candidates for mayor. I don't know if the rules differ for federal vs. local issues though.

  by David Benton
Having an ad for a political candidate does not imply Amtraks support for that candidate , any more than having an ad for a product implies Amtraks endorsement of that product . Indeed if amtrak refused to run such adverts , then that would be seen as a political act .
i would say that Amtrak , or any other Government agencey would be wise to "sit on the fence " when it came to supporting any political party , either of which may be deciding thier funding in the future .
  by Gilbert B Norman
NBC Nightly News offered good coverage of the Kerry/Edwards train, which today traveled through Eastern Colorado along the BNSF route of the Chief.

Good clips were shown of the P-42 locomotive; there alxso were interior photos taken of Senator Kerry chattting with voters who were invited to ride the train.

The one thing lacking was a good photo of the open=platform obs car being used for the whistle stop photo ops.

Even though the Secret Service would be "ballistic", I wonder if the Senator was standing in the Dutch Door as the train ascended Raton Pass (liely not); just might make him a railfan (read Amtrak proponent) yet!!!!
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  by DutchRailnut
Here is total consist of the Kerry Campain train.

Date: 08/07/04 18:14
Kerry Special Train
Author: mundo

Diesel Locomotive 138
Diesel Locomotive 134
Diesel Locomotive 136
Silver Quail 800712
Amfleet II Coach 25065
Amfleet II Coach 25051
Amfleet II Coach 25048
Mississippi River 800200
Current River 800480
Cuivre River 800152
Osage River 800610
Columbia River 80031
Missouri River 800066
Amfleet II Coach 25060
Dinette all table car 43376 maybe the 43369
Metis 800341
MKT 403 800393
Georgia 300 800111