• D.C. to New Haven/Boston through traffic before Amtrak.

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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by timz
In Sept 1940, one-way coach fares

Washington-NY $4.50
NY-Boston $4.60
Wash-Bos $10.00

Phila-NY $1.80
NY-Bos $4.60
Phila-Bos $7.30

Obvious question: unless you want to sleep thru NY, why buy a thru ticket? Did passengers do so?

It seems the 90-cent Hell Gate surcharge applied to any length of trip, so if you were traveling Stamford-Newark the thru fare would be almost double the total of Stamford-NY plus NY-Newark.

  by Gilbert B Norman
Interesting Mr. TimZ discovered the 'Bridge Toll"; I thought only us New Haven hands around here knew of such.

To my best knowledge it started when the Bridge was opened during WWI and lasted until November 14, 1971 when Amtrak first published their own tariff. Through tickets were customarily endorsed 'Via HGB", establishing the "toll" was paid.

But such did not apply to Local NYNH&H travel; only NH-PRR interline. I know so; as it was always a nice ride Penn-Stmfd with a chance to view both HGB and the Van Ness electric locomotive shops.