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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by Wisconsin Railfan
Good day Folks!

What would be your ultimate railfan vehicle? Make, year, model? What would you have in it? (scanners, gps, etc.) Special paint scheme? (C&NW colors etc.) If you already have yours, why not post a picture.

  by RussNelson
Mine is a bicycle. That's because most of my railfanning is archaeological, limited to exploring old railbeds.

I know, I know, that's like claiming you're an animal lover just because you like roadkill.

  by uhaul
I got a late 80s Caprice Wagon and am thinking of putting two offroad lights on it for night photography purposes.

  by David Benton
i have a truck , a mistibishi canter with a furniture removal body on it . its partially fitted out as a campervan . i sleep in the cabover part . i have a lift up hatch in the roof , so i can climb out onto the roof to view trains etc . gets uyou up above lineside fences etc .

  by Orgnoi1
I currently have my railfan vehicle set up as best as I could want it... 2004 Chevy Silverado Diesel, all the goodies inside on the truck... + high roof cap with rear door, GPS, Sirius, 12v refrigerator, 6ft ladder, folding chairs, sleeping bags, and of course all the camera gear that can fit in the rear seat... :-D

Some pics here:
http://northeastfoto.com/forums/showpos ... stcount=15

  by Gilbert B Norman
I have two railfan vehicles. The left one is called Shank's, the right one Mare (youngsters; if stumped, giggle a bit).

With 145 weekday train movements along the BNSF Chicago Sub, (sometimes known amongst fans as the racetrack) through town and a one mile walkway paralleling on public sidewalks affording an unobstructed view, it is simply impossible to take a 2mile half hour walk without having "something" come by. Most likely "four of 'em" will have made the scene.

Motive power from every Class I save Canadian Pacific runs by here, as well as also four Amtrak's in each direction, and scores of METRA commuters.

  by pennsy
Hi All,

Since my middle name effectively is Schwinn, I go along with the bicycle theory. However, the ultimate vehicle to chase trains and photograph them, would be what Pentrex, etc. uses, a helicopter.

No train can outdistance a helicopter, cannot outrun it, cannot hide from it, and the Chopper can get as close as the pilot wants, within reason, to the train, engine, etc. as possible. Some of the best shots, video, ever photographed of # 844 and # 4449 were shot from a helicopter.

  by MEC407
I'll take one of these. Makes a Hummer look like a toy... and I love the sound of that 466 under the hood!

http://www.seriouswheels.com/pics-2005/ ... 24x768.jpg

  by Finch
A bicycle works well for me sometimes. I can cover a reasonable amount of ground, and when I find a place to stop I can just lean the bike against the nearest tree or guardrail. No need to find a good parking spot for a car. I get exercise, too!

Of course, an automobile is not without its merits. But since I don't own one myself and my family's cars are only sometimes available to me, a bike is my next best option.

  by CarterB
Mine is a '06 HUMMER H1 Alpha Open Top, Black Diamond Metallic. Duramax Turbo Diesel engine, Monsoon stereo, CD Changer, Central tire inflation, Cruise, A/C, Driveline protection, Brushguard, Trailer towing package, Power mirrors, Power windows, keyless entry, Rocker panel protection, Deluxe rear view mirror, Runflat tire system W/Beadlock, Heated windshield, Heated Leather Seats, Off-Road Adventure Package (Front & Rear E-Locker Locking Differentials, 17" 2-Piece Alloy wheels, 12,000 lb Winch). Power inverter and a small fridge. Predator Xenon light bar. Plenty of cargo room in back, and a kick-ass off road capability. Has Trimble/Lassen GPS navigation, twin Motorola PM1500 VHF and UHF radios, with 3/2db gain ant's.

  by Plate F
Finch nailed it!

Totally me!