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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by Gilbert B Norman
I learned of these interesting documents from reviewing another site:

http://tobaccodocuments.org/pm/20482260 ... 31-40.html

Contained within is the marketing plan that Philip Morris had in place for the stillborn Marlboro Unlimited project. In short, and for those tuning in late, this was a planned "luxotrain' operation on which "lighting up" was not only encouraged, but also "expected".

Initially, the train was planning to offer "freebies' to passengers selected by lottery. It is my understanding that those passengers selected were to be "vetted" to ensure they were not part of any anti-smoking advocacy movement.

Reportedly, when the project was cancelled, the cars that were under construction were stripped of mechanical components and the carbodies were scrapped. The F-59 locomotives were sold to the LAMTA (Metrolink).

After reviewing the material (it has an array of "settings" features to make such more readable), I think discussion could develop regarding the trains and whether or not there were features planned that other "luxotrain" operators could consider.

As originator of this topic, it is not my intent to provide a soapbox for discussion of any 'smoker's rights" or 'anti-smoking' issues, there are many a social issue discussion forums out there where such can be addressed. If Mr. Benton allows this topic to stand, I trust he will review periodically to ensure my intent in submitting this material is fulfilled.

  by David Benton
As Mr Norman says , lets stick to the train side of the subject .

The Closest thing we had here were the "kiwi Lager express" specials , a Friday night / Sunday night return trip to the skifields from Auckland , our biggest city . not luxo in any sense of the word , but no doubt copious amounts of the sponsors product were avaliable and consumed . Im not sure what caused its demise , but it was quite popular for awhile . The locomotives are still running with the kiwi lager paint schemes .

  by Scoring Guy
In the fall of '06, I rode the "Golden Rail Express", a position move of the AOE/GLR train from Seattle to Denver (Lupton) which included a tour of Tom Radar's Colorado Rail Car plant.
In the Q&A he stated that the Marlboro train idea, which his company had been hired to build, died when the big penalty lawsuits bit into the company's resources. That was after the cars had been designed, and I believe, some construction had been done.
Mr. Radar then decided to take the train design and attach it to the coast to coast express service that Amtrak had planned, and his train would be known as the Golden Eagle, Santa Fe Express Grand Luxe.
But the Amtrak scrapped the plans for the c to c express service and that in turn scrapped the Golden Eagle , , ,.
On the grounds of the Colorado Rail Car are two partially completed mock-ups of the train.
He now has plans to build new two-story cars, to eventually replace the vintage single level Grand Luxe Rail Journeys equipment (he purchased AOE in '06, and was required by law to change the name).